WTF Friday: Shaq Down!

No fancy set ups for this week’s offering of WTF Friday, kids.  I perused the intertubes for something to send you on your weekend way with a mild chuckle, however, I just wasn’t feeling the goods from anything. Then, just in the nick of time, the Comedy Powers That Be™ dropped a 7’1″ multimillionaire on the collective floor of humor seekers everywhere.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was in the middle of doing the halftime show on TNT earlier this week, when leaving the desk for another segment, somehow forgot his feet are twice the size of a normal man.  Tangling up with some on-set equipment, Shaq went down like a ton of oversized bricks worth an insane amount of coin.  Pro athletes.  The longer they sit in retirement, the more they start to look like the rest of us, coordinationally (is that a word? I’m making it a word) speaking.

In review, famous people falling down.  Never gets old, so enjoy it.

Until next time, America, keep your feet on the ground and your giant sports heroes, uh, well something.  Whatever. I’m out.


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