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As of March 23, 2012, our posting policy changed on The ThrowDown.  All comments after that date will require a name and valid e-mail account to post a reply.

We try here to give commentors on our posts as much freedom as possible, but quite frankly, posting “Anonymously” has become a problem.  I view posters that hide behind a generic icon as neutered abominations that, if were any less intelligent, would be walking backwards.  Those people are simply not worthy enough, and haven’t earned, a voice.

We understand some posts here may offend some readers, but if you aren’t grown up enough to make a comment and attach your e-mail to it, then we’d prefer it if you don’t read The ThrowDown.  If your goal is to ramble, goat an argument, prove to the world that you are in fact as dumb as you look, I reserve a few rights…they are as follows:

  • I can (and probably will) manipulate your comments to amuse myself if I find them to purely be inflammatory for no other reason than to draw attention to yourself.  The changes to your comments will not be pleasant, think it over before you start some nerd rage garbage here.
  • People visit The ThrowDown to read my, Big Angry’s and John Rantavius’ combined efforts.  Again, I reserve the right to cut off long, rambling comments because frankly, those kind of people aren’t talented or interesting enough to run a successful blog, and they certainly aren’t going to hijack mine.
  • Any threats of violence to any of the writers of The ThrowDown or our families will be forwarded directly to the police if within the state of Illinois, and to the FBI if the threat crosses state lines.  This is a zero tolerance policy, and we will gladly press charges against offenders
  • There is a two comment maximum.  I don’t know how else to express this to make even the simplest of minds understand.  You are not the star of the show.  Read the articles, feel free to soliloquize all over your friends, family and pets about them,  but do it somewhere else.  I’m not your Goddamn counselor.

I love a good comment.  Nothing wrong with a well thought out opinion.  But, make no mistake “who runs Bartertown”.  It’s us.  All those opposed, can head over to Yahoo!.

Jake Bloomquist (JB Maddawg)


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