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WTF Friday: Droning On

In a world that seems to be becoming smaller and smaller everyday, it’s difficult to really catch nature in its purest form. In order for us to understand how creatures of the wild truly behave and act, we as humans need to be as unobtrusive as possible. Technology has assisted in capturing some pure moments in nature by eliminating the human element thereby reducing distractions in the environment. Perhaps this is the reasoning that lead a zoo in the Netherlands to utilize a drone equipped with a camera to film a chimpanzee exhibit for a television show.

However, the chimps had other ideas.

The drone was doing a flyover of the exhibit filming the chimps in, what was hoped, would be an unfiltered look at their daily lives. Instead, a female chimp, armed with a large branch, subsequently beat the drone to the ground.

What ensues next can be best described as “found footage” from Planet of the Apes.

The drone somersaults to earth in dizzying fashion. Once on the ground, it’s inspected by the chimps until it’s seemingly discarded. What isn’t shown is the fact that the drone is later destroyed, leaving the zoo with over $2,000 in spare drone parts.

The beauty of this video is not the wonders of technology, but the premeditation by the chimp to ensure said drone is permanently “grounded.” If you watch the video, it’s clear to see none of the chimps are in distress or scared during this flyover. There is no scurrying around. They are all going on about their “usual” routine. The female chimp who swats it out of the air? She doesn’t rip a branch off in panic. No. She has it ready and waiting. This is a perfect example of chimps doing what their human counterparts do best: being an asshole for the simple sake of “because I can.”

Through it all, no matter how many times I analyze it, there’s only one thought that my mind keeps going back to. Somewhere in that zoo, there was a guy holding a remote, controlling that drone, that muttered, “You damn, dirty ape.”


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