WTF Friday: Way To Go, Paul.

Let’s cut to the chase.  Most of us who are parents have to endure the age-old process of allowing our offspring to compete in some sort of athletic activity.  My own daughter Snark Muppet has tried everything and it pains me to say, she’s pretty bad at most sports.  The esteemed ex Mrs. Bloomquist was a long distance running champion you see, so unfortunately for Snarky, she’s going to have to make an attempt at being some sort of jock. We’re now down to Jai alai and lawn jarts, but as always, I digress.

Being in attendance for several kids’ sports clubs, I’ve certainly run across plenty of parents that fit the bill of “Paul” in our feature video.  Paul just seems to receive his karma instantly, which rarely happens.

I’ve run into many parents that surely want their kids to do well in sports, or even get involved in the action.  Maybe they even coach a sport or offer to help in a variety of other ways.  It takes a real nutter however to be the screaming jerk at an event.  It’s usually the dumb ass that peaked in high school as the right guard of his football team that won all of six games in four years and now sees fit to scream at the actual coach of his kid.  You know, because he could have totally gotten a full ride to USC if it wouldn’t have been for that ruptured disk he got from bending over that one time.  I digress, part two.

The grand point of this is we all know Paul.  The kids hate him because he’s a loud mouthed jackenape, the other parents hate him because he’s an embarrassment to them.  The coaches, refs and the person keeping score all despise him because they see Paul.  Every. Damn.  Season.  He may not always be “Paul”, but he’s some caricature of the clown.

So, why did this video go viral?  Because we love comeuppance.  Paul is mad at something.  Paul goes down to show everyone he means business at a youth hockey game.  Paul slaps hand on protective glass like an unhinged gorilla.  Glass breaks and Paul is reduced to the insignificant trundling loser that he truly is.  Paul has represented the stereotypical, over amped super parent in glorious fashion and the glass that Paul shattered, might as well have been a mirror.  That’s when the woman’s voice enters the video, simply to put the cherry on top of Paul’s ridiculous set of circumstances.

Way to go, Paul, indeed.


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