WTF Friday: Country MashUp!

If you know me, I mean really know me, you know that I detest country music.  It’s not at all like smooth jazz which I just have a muscle memory of switching the channel.  I mean it.  I hear a steel guitar, anything relating to the scooting of boots or pick up trucks down at the creek and I’m out.

No, I don’t think I’m better than you for listening to it or aim to be a musical snob.  I’ve played guitar, created music and enjoyed that process for over twenty years now.  I’m open to plenty of styles.  Country music isn’t my thing, primarily because I think the writing and arrangements are pretty weak.  An apparently, someone agrees with me.

Enter Gregory Todd.  You see, Mr. Todd had the ear to pick up on no less than six country songs and using his simple Pro Tools program, spliced them all together in one beer drinking, pick up driving, yee hawing tune that fall together seamlessly.  Not an incredible feat to anyone that’s used a mixing program, but to pick those perfect six songs out and splice them took some serious time.  Hats off, Mr. Todd.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed and as every WTF Friday here at The ThrowDown is meant to do, put a green flag to the weekend.  We’ve been away for a bit, but as we returned this past Monday to regular posting, we also return to our regular post here on Friday.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. ~JB


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