Monday, January 12th 2015

Recently, I’ve received several emails from readers that hoped I would return to active writing immediately following the holidays.  I’ve been at this so long I can of course tell when the natives are getting restless because of the snarky content that files in to my contact email.  I get it.  You miss me.  You hate me, but crickey, I give you exactly what you need.

You may not agree with my facts coupled with strong opinion, yet I’m telling you like it is without gain.  If you doubt my motives, just look over The ThrowDown page.  Notice the lack of a “Donate” button or a link to fund us.  We take care of business, free of charge.  So whatever keeps you coming back, great.  Love us or hate us, we will remain.

That all being said, I’m announcing our return to regular posting on Monday, January 12th, with new posts on Mondays and our WTF Friday mini-posts as well.  So remember…

YOU asked for it.

Your pal,



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