WTF Friday: Scientology Twofer!

Picture it: the year is 2008 and the general populace is still reeling from the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  People are crazed from disappointment and in a foul mood.   Enter he that shall lead us, Tom Cruise.

There had always been that untouchable corner of Cruise’s life that even most media outlets couldn’t penetrate.  Sure Cruise was active in Scientology, yet nobody understood just what the working schedule of an Operating Thetan III really was.  Or really cared.

Ah, but back in ’08, a leaked video would hit the internet and regular folk like you and me were allowed to peek into the frosted glass window of the entryway of what could or could not be loosely referred to as a “church”.  Ten minutes of Tom Cruise using terms like KSM and stating crazy shit like only a Scientologist can help in moments of tragedy were enough to get people to shift from thinking of Scientology as a frightening sect to a circus act of buffoonery.  Nice work, Tom.

As strange as the video was, the promotional team from Superhero Movie decided to promote their film with a parody of Cruise’s.  What ensued was a hilarious version that almost nobody saw.  This was 2008, so YouTube was still only three years old and wasn’t nearly the go to site like it is today.  Pretty unfortunate, because it may be the greatest Tom Cruise impersonation ever done.

Try to sit through as much of the Cruise video as possible because:

  1. It’s creepy and you’ll laugh regardless, but more than that:
  2. because it will make the parody video much funnier.

Other than that, enjoy the material.  It’s like a WTF video with an added helping of crazy.  Until next time.

All hail Xenu!~JB




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2 responses to “WTF Friday: Scientology Twofer!

  1. Holy crap. The original Cruise video so closely resembled that now famous Charlie Sheen “winning” interview I almost choked. Hubbard save us from men who are “high on life.”

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