WTF Friday: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

So out of nowhere I get this message from a buddy of mine:

“You have to see this.  Watch the whole thing.”

What I next witnessed was 3:19 of pure brilliance. Some guitarist finger picking Queen’s classic, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”  Now, I’ve played guitar for over twenty years and I’ve also run across some other players that are just naturally talented.  The young man in this particular video is nothing short of astonishing, although there are always those geek ass players that will watch and pronounce to nobody in particular, “I could have done better”.  No, you couldn’t have.  So sit down and shut it.

This guy isn’t about blazing riffs or ear bleeding solos, mind you.  His focus is on clean, focused finger picking and a percussive element that will freak any axe grinder out.  Not only does this phenom crush all the elements of the song in one take, he ups the ante of big balledness by doing it all behind a Darth Vader mask.  Yeah.

As I was instructed, watch the entire video.  It’s well worth one’s time.  I certainly had a WTF moment after watching this video, then clapped.  In my living room.

As for the “I can do that in my sleep” crowd.  Back it up.  Throw your superiority up on YouTube complete with Darth Vader mask.  I’d sure as hell would like to see you try.

Enjoy your weekend~JB


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