WTF Friday: Chevy Guy!

Let’s get right to it: The 2014 World Series was exciting and capped a great season.  Unfortunately for many, viewers switched away from the spectacle right before the moment that would make it worth the hours sitting in front of the game.  Series MVP, Madison Bumgarner after winning an incredible three games pitching in the series was to be awarded a brand new 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup.  On behalf of GM, Rikk Wilde would step into history himself for one of the most awkward moments on television.

You see, Wilde seemed to be temporarily inhabited by the ghost of comic legend Chris Farley, sweating profusely, reading from note cards and describing the features of said truck as “technology and stuff”.  It was difficult and hilarious to watch.  But wait.  There’s more.

Mr. Wilde about to brush aside internet sensations such as the monkey that pissed in his own face and the Chocolate Rain guy in this televised bus crash, but outgoing MLB commissioner Bud Selig at the height of the awkwardness wasn’t about to be outdone.  Selig is seen at the same moment, talking to himself and tussling his own hair. To appreciate it all, one must view it several times.

Not lost in all this WTF’edness was reporter Erin Andrews, best remembered for having Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman go off on a rant during an interview last year.  Andrews can be seen choking back giggles as interview Armageddon builds. As actor Ted McGinley is to jumping the shark, Andrews now seems to be the lighting rod for all things crazy in the sporting world.

Topping it all off is one Madison Bumgarner, blankly watching this whole mess unfold.  It’s the look of the man who just carried his team to victory on his back via sheer, blunt willpower, then seeing it stolen away by a sweaty, walking internet meme, an MLB going zero to dementia in front of the world and the patron saint of crazy interviews shoving a mic in the mix.

Did you ever see the movie The Perfect Storm?  Well, this was it, with less George Clooney and more perspiration. Let’s hope some alien civilization will visit here after we’re all gone and discover this true representation of our world.  They’ll wet their little alien pantaloons, for certain.

Until next time, America.



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2 responses to “WTF Friday: Chevy Guy!

  1. What. A. Train. Wreck. What blows my mind is that the dude HAD THE CARDS IN HIS HAND yet still didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. There is no explanation for the rest, other than to suggest that Bud Selig’s may have ADD.

    • The note cards took it to a new level. As I heard one person say, “what was on the index cards? Meatloaf recipies?” I would have loved to be in GM’s office the next morning.

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