Meat Lover’s Special: The Walking Dead Season 5 Opener


The Walking Dead, Season 5 Premiere

I’m not going to lie, when it comes to the seasons of the year, I’m a summer man. To me, nothing beats late nights outside, lying around at the beach, swimming, soaring temps, and live music out on the patio of one of the many fine local establishments I’m fortunate to have around me. However, there’s something about October that I absolutely love. Something that makes me actually look forward to the coming Fall. That’s right, it’s The Walking Dead. Thanks to The Walking Dead, I start craving October’s arrival by the end of March.

This year, nothing had me wishing for the speed up of time more than the Season 4 finale. I’ve repeatedly referred to this post-apocalyptic setting as a world gone to shit.  So far nothing, and I mean nothing, has illustrated it more than what was witnessed at the conclusion of Season 4.  At the end of March, we as fans were presented with a cliffhanger than left us sitting on the edge of our seats, speculating and anxiously awaiting resolutions that we would be denied of for months.  As it stands at this moment, the moment I type this, the moment right before Season 5 starts, a majority of our heroes are locked up in a train car at Terminus, awaiting their fate. A fate that could lead them straight to the dinner table; and no I don’t mean as guests. Let’s not forget those that, at the end of Season 4, still remain unaccounted for.

There’s only one word to describe what I just witnessed having watched the first entry into season 5 of The Walking Dead: brutal.

The first five minutes of the season opener of The Walking Dead was a glimpse into darkness and it didn’t stop simply with the opening scene. Oh no, it continued to follow the dark path throughout. Not just darkness, but an oblivion of violence and depravity.  A situation where there’s no other choice but to kill. Consume or be consumed. There are no U-turns in this world. There’s only one direction: forward.  Offering no other options than death to those who oppose you. Or, for that matter, death to those who may simply appear to oppose you.

Yet, who does this refer to? The Walking Dead does a fine job of blurring the lines between good and evil. It always has, but never more than as illustrated in tonight’s episode. Rick and Carol, by far, have embraced their dark sides, believing, no knowing, that to kill is the only way out. To quote Rick, “No one gets to live.”  Carol and Rick move mercilessly through Terminus. Allowing its inhabitants to become fodder for the invading walkers. In their minds, a just payment for the utter brutality and apparent cannibalism that is widely practiced on the compound.

What of Terminus anyway? Throughout tonight’s episode, its inhabitants repeatedly made reference of it once actually being a haven of peace, of true sanctuary. Hard to believe considering the horrors that was witnessed at the conclusion of last season and at the beginning of Season 5. Yet, we are offered a glimpse of what Terminus was, or tried to be towards the end of tonight’s episode. Maybe not directly shown, but that they, in fact, were attacked as they claimed. Thereby, we see the residents of Terminus forced into the utter barbarism that our band of heroes discovered, and then with no quarter, swiftly dealt with.

This all, of course, begs the question: what, or who, is good and evil anymore?  Are lines allowed to be blurred when the world as we once knew it offers a merciless onslaught of brutal fatality? How far should we really go for that matter?

All in all, the premiere was an amazing start to Season 5. There was little discussion about what to do, only what needed to be done and then chaos ensuing. I’m not saying that every episode should be this way, but it was a refreshing break from the trap The Walking Dead sometimes falls into of overly developing a character or situation. It gave the fans plenty to chew on (pun intended) and foreshadowed an even greater evil in the man who originally attacked Terminus.  I’m sure we will meet him soon. How soon is hard to tell, but soon indeed. If it is who I think it is, and they stick to the comics, the outcome may have the fans screaming. However, I’ve been wrong before, and I may be again.

On a final note, how great was it to see Morgan once again at the end of tonight’s episode? Once more we are led to speculate if he, or for that matter Rick and his crew, have fallen too far over the edge for a happy reunion to take place. Regardless, if tonight’s season opener is any indication of how the season will unfold, we are in for one hell of a ride.

Then again, it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead otherwise.


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