You’re Either In Or In The Way


I’ve looked upon the tattered place of shattered blogs, ruined dreams, this wasted land.  I’m so sorry I left you all in the chaos that is WordPress, yet I had to recharge.  I would like to thank the many that emailed me in support and encouraged me to retake my rightful place in this blighted community, after all, it was in this blighted community that I learned to live again.  I haven’t forgotten that.

As for the ones hoping for my demise, step aside children.  I’m about to smite you down with the dregs of humanity restrained by 140 characters on Twitter and Facebook posters of Aunt Judy’s three-bean salad pics or Farmville invites.

Your prodigal son and The ThrowDown return with all new material in September 2014.  Thank you again for your continued patience.


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