Walking Dead Season 4 Wrap-Up: “A” Leaves Us Hungry for More


Terminus: Define “All”


For those of us that follow The Walking Dead, it’s been a long hard road during Season 4. It’s been a journey loaded with challenges that have literally and figuratively plagued our group of survivors. In the first half we experienced sickness, the return and demise of The Governor, the destruction of the prison, and subsequent fracturing of the group. The second half of this season has brought a slower progression of the story to provide further character development. While, at times, the second half of Season 4 seemed to have moments of filler, it wasn’t without its amazing (and amazingly shocking) moments.  I won’t lie, I was touched when Carl rediscovered his childhood momentarily on the roof of an abandoned house eating out of a large can of pudding. Likewise, I was equally shocked by Lizzie killing her sister Mika and Carol’s justified execution of Lizzie.

Character development, touching, and shocking moments aside, the second half of this season has shown us all roads lead to Terminus. Tonight, on the season finale, we discover what Terminus holds.

And it isn’t pretty.

Flashbacks aren’t a first for The Walking Dead, however, they usually involve events that occurred prior to or right after the zombie take over. Tonight, we are taken back to the days of the prison where we revisit Herschel who, in a very Yoda-like manner, attempts to bring Rick slowly back from the dark side. Which, in turn, causes Rick to work bringing Carl back from his own trip down a darkened path. Yet, as everyone by now knows, when the world goes to shit, farming alone isn’t going to cut it.

That point is illustrated well in tonight’s episode as Rick, Michonne, and Carl encounter the group of not-so-merry men whom they previously encountered (and then Daryl later joined) while taking temporary sanctuary in a house. During that time, Rick kills a member of the group in an effort to save himself and allow for an escape. Tonight, the group catches up to Rick and company, planning to exact out their revenge for their partner’s murder. Daryl tries to stop them but ends up on the receiving end of several painful blows. What is witnessed next is Rick slowly and inevitably sinking into his former dark self as he watches the people he loves, especially Carl, get brutalized. What follows is a animalistic brutality unleashed by Rick that goes beyond barbaric. Yet, it gets the job done, saves his friends, and deals with the gang with swift and unrelenting justice.

The show then delves into Rick coming to grips with his dark side. Personally, I like this side of Rick. There’s something that happens to Rick when he tries to be nice and suppress that darker part of himself. He becomes indecisive and hesitant which, in turn, leads to mistakes being made. Now, allowing his dark side to come out and accepting it for what it is, Rick seems focused and prepared to deal with what is thrown before him.

And that, my friends, would be Terminus.

While promising sanctuary and safety, it doesn’t take long for Rick and the group to realize that Terminus isn’t all that’s it’s cracked up to be. While taking a tour of this seemingly safe haven, Rick notices some residents of Terminus wearing Glenn and Maggie’s clothing. Needless to say, things go quickly downhill from there. After an exchange of bullets and a chase throughout the facility, Rick and company find themselves outnumbered. Having no choice but to give up, they are herded into a train car simply marked “A.” Where, if you can find a positive in all of this, they are reunited with Glen, Maggie, Bob, and their new friends. This is the scene which ends the season finale. Which, of course, leaves us only one way:

Hanging until October.

Yet, let’s not forget all that we saw during the dramatic chase scene through Terminus. We saw what was obviously well-trimmed human remains piled carelessly outside, a large room with candles everywhere and names written next to them. Many people, including myself, had the theory that Terminus may be a hive of cannibals. While nothing was officially revealed in tonight’s finale, I think that it’s a pretty safe assumption that we are dealing with some serious whackos who are engaging in some zombie-apocalyptic Soylent Green.

Before you think all may be lost, purposely absent from tonight’s episode is Carol and Tyreese. One can only hope that they simply have not made it to Terminus yet and have not succumbed to what fate awaits those who arrive there. What about Beth? Well, all I have to say is, let’s hope those were pork sausages on the grill tonight.

So much to ponder. So much to speculate. So long to wait for answers.

Yep, just another day on The Walking Dead.




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