The ThrowDown Turns Five on WordPress


Five years.  When the average blog has a life span of three months, I think putting up a nickel in longevity is a pretty big deal.  Some of that time was spent by myself trying to establish a foothold, but The ThrowDown really made headway when two of my four best friends on this planet joined up. “Big Angry” Jay Richards and Johnny Rantavius not only provided fresh thoughts to where we could take this venture, but they also ignited inspiration in myself to bring something unique for our readers.  For that, I’m eternally grateful for their support and this ride wouldn’t be worth it without them.

Regarding our readers, they are rabidly loyal, patient and forgiving.  We’ve never once asked or campaigned to have our work passed around, but they do so on a regular basis apparently from all the pingbacks I receive.  I cannot thank our supporters enough.  They are the base that our works are centered on as it should be with any decent blog.  Never will we write for some phony digital award, likes, comments or even to sit at some crazy cool kids blogging table.  Promise.  We developed a following as outsiders and that’s exactly where we will stay.  I’ve seen too many decent blogs lose their edge attempting to appease their peers, taking the path of death.  No thanks.

We’ve never catered to blog communities and the only thing I expect from WordPress is a platform that makes it easier to maintain our blog, which they do.  As for trading likes and propping up blogs that my nine-year old could best, forget it.  Angry, Rants and myself went out and earned every single one of the thousands of readers without begging for follows.  If you don’t like me, us or The ThrowDown in general, fine.  But you goddamn better respect what we’ve done.  I never once said readers will agree with everything we have to say, and if you’re easily offended then you should probably not only avoid us, but the internet as a whole as well.

I’ll make it simple, WordPress community.  We’ve been here five years.  We’ve earned our spot and brought hundreds of thousands of readers to your table.  We are the embodiment of what blogging should be, writing from the gut and ignoring the catty politics. We don’t need you to like us, we just want you to read.

In short, you’re stuck with us.  Just think of us as Nicolas Cage’s character from Con Air.  We’re a crass, sweaty hillbilly but when the shit hits the fan at 38,000 feet, we’re the only ones you want to turn and wink at the screen.  That and we’re your crass, sweaty hillbilly, which should count for something.  As the blogs come and go, we are the constant.  So constant in fact, I plan on just reposting this very same article in another five years with an obvious numerical title change.  I do hope you’ll read that one as well.

For Big Angry Jay Richards, Johnny Rants and myself, thanks to our readers.  And you’re welcome WordPress community.  We may drive you crazy, but you know you can’t live without us.  Peace.


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