Celebrity Shitbag of the Month: Bob Costas Edition


So, let’s say I’m at Bob Costas’ residence. Maybe I’m there buying a piece of furniture or a contractor resealing his driveway.  I dunno, just roll with it.  The point is, in the middle of Bob discussing what needs to be done, I change gears on him and let this fly:

“Bob, have I told you about the teachings of Jesus Christ?  I know you don’t think it’s the appropriate time, yet Christianity embraces all moments, so I deem it the perfect time.  Now, I know I’m here at your residence to do X, but this is actually a great opportunity for you to see things my way.  Please don’t interrupt, because this is really meant to be a one-sided convo.  Oh, by the way, if you have any thoughts of disagreeing with me while I soliloquise, just remember that makes you a religious bigot.  Also, I’m going to drag the President of the United States and the Pope in on this, so resistance is futile.  Just listen, accept and be integrated into the collective.  It’s your pleasure to listen to me.”

Get all that, Costas?  Because that’s essentially what you did to normal people just wanting to watch a football game.

As almost everyone knows by now, on the October 13th Sunday night football game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, NBC sportscaster Bob “they called me a liberal!” Costas spouted his now infamous opinions during the halftime break.  He deemed the word “Redskins” a slur, and shamed everyone in the football community for using it.  For the record, this is now the second time Costas found it appropriate to hijack a nationally televised game to shove his opinions down everyone’s throat.  Indeed, I dismantled his Sports Eminence for that which you can read here.

Yet, this was no shadowed attack on the 2nd Amendment like last time.  No, Costas has learned to be sneaky.  He deemed it “sports related” and therefore, acceptable material for a halftime scolding.  So is making a bunch of grown men wear pink flair on their uniforms for an entire month, but Bobbles didn’t dare address that topic.  Costas had his agenda, and manufacturing a controversy on national television to force a name change for the Washington Redskins was exactly what he wanted.  When most sane Americans heard Costas’ inappropriate rant, Twitter exploded.  Personally, I think this guy hit it right on the head:

Joking aside, social media exploded on Bob Costas, and the backfiring continued the next day.  Costas found himself defending his position and like most egomaniacs, couldn’t believe the unwashed masses weren’t erecting statues to him for his brilliant insights.  Far from it.  People were pissed off and done with the dramatics.  What Costas didn’t take into account for a second time is the fact that the majority of the country works hard for a living.  Unwinding with family and friends to watch some football, we escape the problems of our lives and the world for a few hours before Monday morning reality shows up and begins kicking our heads in again.  Bob Costas became no better than the guy on the other end of the phone during dinner wondering if you’re happy with your choice in auto insurance.  That is why people wanted to beat the crap out of him.

Men like Costas never get it, however.  They deem themselves so important and their political agenda so profound, they have to shove it at passers-by.  And again, the “just change the channel” argument is no longer effective, since

  1. social media and the internet make it impossible to avoid garbage such as a Costas rant
  2. Costas snuck it in at halftime, right before the game went back on.  He didn’t just pick that time at random, he knew people were almost a captive audience.  Premeditated, people.

Here’s the funny part: before Costas’ left turn on television, NBC had already struck a deal with the Oneida Indian Nation for a fight night at a NY casino.  This was all a pre-planned show by Costas and NBC, hoping to do the dirty work for their end of the deal.  The press did it’s slanted job by bringing President Obama into the frey which was meant to spur NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.  Within hours after Costas’ little speech, enormous pressure was brought upon Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder to officially change the name of the team.

But Snyder is a shrewd businessman.  He isn’t prone to be pushed around by some hack journalist that had not the balls or brains to own a business, much less a sports team.  The Washington Redskins are a private organization, which is exactly what drives a statist jerk like Costas batshit crazy.  Costas, Goodell and hell, even Obama can’t force anything, and they all know it.  However, so does Daniel Snyder, and his decision will be final.  For the record, Snyder won’t be changing the name.

Focusing back on Costas, the sports hack tried to defend himself and his words, but found himself using phrases like “ad hominem attacks” which made him sound like even more of a worm.  Costas just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that even though he disguised his attack by pretending to be against “political correctness run amok”, Costas went ahead and crowned himself anyway by defining the word slur for us all.  Yes, “Redskins” is now a slur, and Costas wants us all to stop using it.  Just ignore the fact Bob Costas is not Native American.  He knows better than us and 80+ years of team history.  The name must be changed now, for Costas has proven with this issue and the last issue, he’s educated,  smarter than all us plebes.  And like the unhinged progressive asshole Costas is, his true bewilderment is that we aren’t joining in the mob mentality he has created for us.  Guess what, Bob?  People have brains, but more importantly, gut feelings when a self-indulgent puss boy like yourself tries to play Pied Piper with them.  It happened to your pal, Keith Olbermann.

People were sick of Olbermann’s bullshit as well.  Sport commentaries turned into long-winded psycho babble about the POTUS and golf.  Soon, Olbermann found only severe left-wing radicals were listening to him, then even they realized he was crazy.  As Jimmy Kimmel once said of Olbermann, “Keith has burned more bridges than the arsonist of Madison County”.  You’re not there yet, Bob.  But you’re well on your way.

Brass tacks, Bob.  You don’t save lives, risk your life at your profession or protect freedom.  You’re a former first tier talking sports head with no real influence on anyone.  A quick search on Twitter will show you’ve become the guy at the dunk tank as we the public line up to throw softballs at a target to soak your worthless ass.  I know all the jerks at NBC such as Dan Patrick are trying to cast you as misunderstood, but you’re still just an asshole.  Your insulated world protects you from seeing that most of America is tired of stiffs like you in cheap suits, wailing about what is right, wrong or fair all the while not risking anything of importance.  You’re a fragile, petty bobble headed wimp, crying to Mommy Government to get your way.

So, to wrap up, Bob, remember the next time you want to spew righteous bullshit at everyone, say to yourself “I’m just a sports journalist hack.  Nothing I say will ever truly matter beyond the limits of entertainment”.  Oh, and remember you’re The ThrowDown’s Celebrity Shitbag of the Month.  Yet, knowing a  self-absorbed shaved ape like yourself, you’ll probably win it again.  Same time, next year D bag.


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