Through the Four Seasons: Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere


For me, Sunday nights at 9:00 have become something of a ritual for television watching. From Game of Thrones to True Blood, as well as Falling Skies at 10:00, Sunday night is not something I’ve come to dread but rather something to look forward to. So far nothing, and I mean nothing, has given me more cause for the anticipation for the approach of Sunday night than The Walking Dead on AMC.

For three seasons now, we have been immersed in this seemingly dying world filled to the brim with feral, flesh-eating zombies. WE have been privy to a society that has collapsed and shown the people who try to find some semblance of order while giving in to the notion of kill or be killed at any cost. Personally, I felt the direction season three took was pretty spot on as far as how people thrust into this kind of living hell would respond. So, my concerns over the departure of Glenn Mazzara as show-runner was at the forefront as I anxiously awaited tonight’s premiere. While, yes, we’ve been promised more than an ample amount of zombies in recent interviews by the show’s execs, I can only hope that the notion of quantity doesn’t override quality.

Now with episode one of season four officially under our belt, what do I think?

Personally, I’m split, but let me continue.

It was apparent that several months had passed since the previous season (6-7 if I heard correctly) and it appears that the prison has become a well-established and governed gathering of survivors where the daily routine not only includes ensuring everyday needs such as food is met, but having to kill off a gathering herd of zombies as well. The tone was set early on the survivors have grown complacent in their current surroundings and that bad things await on the horizon. Besides, with all of these obvious relationships brewing, people are going to die and have their hearts broken. Well, except for Beth.

Overall, this was a good episode, however, as far as a season opener goes, it was okay. While it was a more, as JB put it, “character driven plot. A slow scenic drive,” I found it not really going anywhere at times. Yes, they killed walkers and yes watching them fall from ceiling was entertaining to watch. Yet, Rick’s angle tonight seemed a weak analogy of him and Carl nearly going crazy  last season. It wrapped it up too easily without any residual effects which, let’s face it, that only after 6-7 months would still be apparent in one fashion or another in Rick; but more notably in Carl.  Sorry, but I liked the darker Carl and I think an interesting plot point of this season would have been Rick working on bringing Carl back from the brink. I’m calling a writer’s cop-out on that one.

Tonight’s premiere wasn’t completely without its head-scratching mysteries. First off we have Bob, the new recruit who apparently has some inner demons he’s trying to calm. Whether or not he will turn into a hero or villain remains to be seen. I’m thinking though, that whatever the outcome, we may see a few bad things happen because of him in the future. Of course, we cannot forget the mysterious death of the pig and the strange, sudden passing of Patrick. It seems apparent that some sort of affliction could hit the prison, however, whether it’s viral or some sort of contamination remains to be seen.

Yes, I know. Patrick was played by the voice of Phineas from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb.

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was good. However, even though it was good, I just didn’t find it as strong a premiere as I have in season’s past. There didn’t seem to be a real definitive path and maybe that’s good. However, it is readily apparent that there will be more zombies and we have several new characters dropped into the prison not to add depth, but to simply serve as fodder for the walkers. Or, better yet, to serve as this show’s very own version of the “red shirts.”

Despite my initial misgivings, I’m fully aware that sometimes the first glance of something isn’t always the best. I’m still intrigued to see where the show is going to take us this season and, of course, what I hope to be the inevitable return of The Governor.

This is Big Angry, once again ready to wander down the path of what I hope will be another great season of The Walking Dead.


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