Angry Again


ThrowDown Blogger Big Angry Jay Richards

ThrowDown Blogger “Big Angry” Jay Richards

If there was a concept not lost on me when I started The ThrowDown, it was balance.  I’ve known Big Angry for about 23 years now, and he was the first person I thought of to co-captain this crazy ship.  Not that Johnny Rantavius was a second thought, he just stays on the technical aspect of things, and stays away from the public side.  I just simply knew Big Angry was a guy that readers would flock to.  And they have, and should continue to do so because he’s got the ability to quell emotion in favor of rationality.  His articles have been heralded from companies such as Slacker Radio, to his main gig here, breaking down The Walking Dead for fans.  It wouldn’t be The ThrowDown without Jay, and he truly does keep us well balanced.

Frankly, I always need Angry to balance things for myself personally.  He’s kind of like the guy that steps in once in a while, hands me a Snickers bar and says, “Dude, eat this.  You get grouchy when you haven’t had your snack.”  Besides, I’m just as big a fan of Angry’s articles as many of our readers, purposely holding off reading his work until just before it gets published here.

With all that out of the way, I’m glad to say Big Angry is officially back from his break.  The Walking Dead is only a month and a half away, so fear not.  You’ll be cleansing your palate with the big guy soon enough, with new material and of course, The Walking Dead reviews.  So, once again I give you my pal, Big Angry.  Try not to piss him off.


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