“Good Night Jane Fonda, Good Night Bitch”


For the majority of this July, I had to step away from The ThrowDown for personal reasons.  I came very close to losing my father, a Viet Nam veteran and is surprisingly more opinionated on several issues than myself.  Even in his weakened state, my father rested in his hospital bed and for the first days there, could hardly speak.

That is, until a preview of “The Butler” appeared on the wall mounted television.  All it took was a brief shot of Jane Fonda (playing Nancy Reagan in the film) to reveal my father’s spirit.

“G-Go…to Hell” was what he chose to hurl at the image of the actress, the medicine given to calm his nerves apparently having zero effect.

For those not in the know, Jane Fonda is an icon to the Viet Nam veterans, and not in a “hey, I’ll tour with the USO and dance around to ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking'” for our boys serving overseas type of way.  “Hanoi Jane” as she’s still known, made all the papers in her younger days not by merely protesting the war, but by going to Viet Nam and posing with the North Vietnamese army and an anti-aircraft battery.  The same type of weapon used to shoot down U.S planes.  Her “two-minute lapse of sanity” will “haunt [her] forever”, and I’m quite certain more than one American serviceman would get in line to make that a certainty.


Fonda has several times over used words such as “exhausted”  and “absent-minded” about her little photo-op, and has apologized to our soldiers in a very left-handed way.  Of course she’s mentioned that she never ever would hurt the feelings of someone drafted into a war, but has stated several times that captives from Viet Nam were “lying about being tortured” because they were career military men, and “professional killers”.  As one could imagine, not exactly compliments abound for Jane at the local V.F.W.

Hatred running so deep, members of the U.S. Naval Academy for years would hear a plebe yell at day’s end “good night, Jane Fonda”, to which the entire company would yell in return, “good night, bitch!”.  Fonda had more than made her mark on the world, and solidified herself as the white devil to almost an entire generation of soldiers.

In fact, I vowed to give back to that generation of soldiers, seeing my father still harboring his feelings of betrayal by Fonda.  Marking the return to regular posts here at The ThrowDown, I decided to honor members of our armed services, along with my father, by penning an article to make sure this story isn’t forgotten.  Not just sons and daughters of Viet Nam veterans, but grand children as well, need to be informed and reminded of the legacy that is the American traitor, Jane Fonda.  These are the ones that will not be attending any films giving a paycheck to Fonda.  Maybe she can depend of the good folks of North Viet Nam for patronage, since let’s face facts, she isn’t sorry.  Example? This photo of her is one of her many Twitter avi’s:


She also lists herself as an “activist”, which she can afford to be, since her career in Hollywood was pretty much guaranteed by her far more talented father.  Not to be outdone by some shrew of an old lady that somewhere between riding an enemy cannon and the movie “9 to 5” forgot the sacrifices of the fathers and mothers of this great nation, I’ve decided to be an activist, as well, by providing comfort for the people I respect, not the enemy.

Make your way over to LZ Nam and pick yourself up a five pack of “Hanoi Jane” urinal targets and plenty of other great merchandise to show your pride of our soldiers.  I’d include a pic of the bulls eye sticker targets, but I’d rather you’d head over to the site to check them out.  They’re a great gift guaranteed to put a smile on any of the old soldiers’ faces.  And, The ThrowDown in no form profits in any way for the sales of this product, and I consider it just a “public service”.

I’m sure that Ms. Fonda is driven batshit crazy by the fact that many of us still remember the antics of her past, but remember, we do.  We remember for people such as Col. Bud Day, Viet Nam prisoner of war, who passed away today at the age of 88.  We remember for the men and women that grew up without a parent, killed in the theatre of war.  We remember for the ones that weren’t looking for public headlines and photo ops.  They were called by their country, and they went.

And men like my father?  He remembers upon returning home being spat upon his return from a war he didn’t ask to go to, all the while listening to spoiled Hollywood princesses lecture him on “what’s right”.  My father has no blog, no voice on the internet.  He only has his memories. And me.  Me and my King Kong-sized internet voice, so I’ll say it for him:

Good night Jane Fonda.  Good night bitch.

The ThrowDown returns shortly to active posting.  Thanks for our readers’ patience and understanding.  ~JB



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34 responses to ““Good Night Jane Fonda, Good Night Bitch”

  1. There are many things I could say, but none of it would be as remarkable as what you’ve already said here.

    Please thank your father for me. Men and women like him are what made our country the greatest nation on Earth. My grandfathers certainly thought so when they emigrated here. They were willing to work for the right to call themselves American, and proudly did so from the moment they stepped off their boats. It’s a shame that a woman who was blessed with that right from birth cast it aside for a moment of superficial popularity.

    • I certainly will! And like yourself, my pride in our great nation centers around how lucky we are to live here. I too, had family not too long ago come here for a better life, so I try to be thankful every day for the opportunities I’ve been given. Thanks, as always for chiming in!

  2. Jan

    Great article, I too will never forget she is a traitor. My brother served in Viet Nam and I remember her antics and what a bitch she was taking the notes the U.S. prisoners tried to pass her and gave them to the Viet Cong. She should have been on trial for what she did back then, never forget!

    • Thanks Jan. This piece I wrote picked up steam after the war memorials were closed by the government. I had just hoped to give the vets a little something back, letting them know that a younger generation will fight for them. Thanks again.

  3. K. Hanson

    My Uncle served in Viet Nam. He too, was spat on within days of returning home, out with his Father for the first time. He had no use for Hanoi Jane, and my sister and I have passed down to our children the shame that Hanoi Jane brought down on herself. We will do our best to make sure that her actions are not forgotten by younger generations. Please thank your Father for his service, I hope he is doing better.

    • I believe if you have a relative or friend that fought in VN, it really gives you a perspective on the whole deal. And yes, my father is back and ornery as ever. Thanks for the well wishes, and taking the time to read my work!

  4. David Alford

    I like your article. I was a Vietnam vet in 1968-1969. I will never forget her and what she did. I just hope I live long enough to piss on her grave.

    • Thank you for your service, David. I owe you and all our patriots a debt that can’t be repaid. Rest assured, I and others in my younger generation will teach the history of what you and others had to endure.

    • adrainseyes

      Welcome Home David!! My Dad served in Nha Trang 8th Field Hospital fro 67-68 and volunteered as a 17 year old in 63′. I have never been to Vietnam, however walked to Hell and back with my Dad. There are 38 bullet holes in the ceiling of his home to attest to that. My Dad told me stories of Hanoi Jane and his friends confirmed those stories. I lost my Dad to some stupid VA doctor that mailed him a lethal combination of pills in 09′. My heart still breaks for the loss of my Dad and I promise, I will outlive Hanoi Jane and carry out your desire to show discord for a traitor. It is not the stories he told me, but the one I read about in his journals after his passing, are the ones that explained why Dad did the things he did…like paroling the perimeter at 3 am and lived a lifetime not being out of arms reach of a weapon. While locked in the VA, he boasts about the stun gun they removed from him and left him with a pen that had a single shot bullet. He was braisen enough to call the police and tell them not to send married men with children out to “get him”, as he did not want to leave any widows or fatherless children. Yet, I was once a fatherless child. Fatherless as my Dad felt he was doing me a favor by not being around when his mind was on a ‘walk about’. The very thing he feared would happen did and worse. I shared PTSD with my Dad, not out of desire for trauma, but a comfort level in it’s existence. We were good at putting people back together, yet shared a level of dysfunction that did not end with a ceremony in his honor. My last job was as an ophthalmic technician that assisted academic surgeons repair trauma that was as bad as it could get. I organized a team of medical personnel to remove cancerous eyes from babies that would certainly parish without the surgery, and would not see their 9th birthday. Was I running a race that everyone else had long abandoned? I have empathy for my Dad and an entire generation of men and women that felt the cold sting of Jane’s forked tongue. I share my story to validate the pain she perpetrated that becomes a generational curse. She is the high priestess that hammered nails into the coffin of life and any chance of recovery from such horrors, they dare be written about and stuffed away. The words that slip by with an intoxicated confession tell of men that would be left behind by a traitor-ish bitch.How a small handful returned, while many more souls would suffer for the dog and pony show little Miss Jane had to have. No bitch, I will not get over it! My words are not as harsh as the punishment our countries greatest assets, inflicted upon child after child of a forgotten youth. Thank you for the life I breathe and the remarkable tool of perseverance I carry with me as a lifetime yielded to pain. So did the VC leave a little chocolate kiss on her pillow with her turn down service at the Hanoi Hilton. I am certain there were no sweet indulgences for men that would stay in the tiger cage suite and I hear the service sucked too. But thank you anyway for the visual that was shared with me as I formed my belief systems. Every child should learn to survive and take care of themselves, but not the way for which we did, the misfit children of men whose bodies walk like zombies, while their minds wander in darkness and regret. Dad’s demons were always waiting for a glimmer of oppurtunity, to snatch it away just as we loved for the moment. Even today the mere mention of “Jane Fonda…..blagh, blagh!!” turns my stomach and I am reminded of how my Dad just didn’t get over it until it consumed him. He passed just as I feared…alone, and in filth. The people he paid to help him became his greatest leaches taking whatever they felt would make for a fitting bonus including his pills he did not overdose on. The main red head psycho was a pill head I had met over and over as she did not remember meeting me. Just when I thought she was gone, she was busy working my Dad to get pills he told his VA doctor he was affording to her. Yet one doctor would mail 180 Morphine, 180 Xanax and 90 Vidodin to his home. He wrecked 2 cars in one week, and while investigating the police reports and doctor reports I found a common date, August 25, 2008. This would be the day my Dad had an oxymetry reading for the refill of his 24/7 oxygen, a day the doctor that fired him for overdosing on morphine too many times would defer an ambulance because my Dad omitted the fact that he was not only on morphine, Xanax had bee added to the mix. Neither is legal for use with oxygen. He was doing the reading as the local Tyler VA clinic was ill-equipped to take oxygen readings, yet they are the doctors that prescribed the oxygen and the narcotics lethal in combination. Another event happened August 25, 2008….Dad had the police visit his home for a Welfare Check, as his best friend had lost contact with him mid sentence and could not get Dad back on the phone.This is also not long after the VA added Xanax to the Morphine and Vicodin combination.The Ombudsman ruled the death of my Dad the worst in recorded history and the VA followed through with disciplinary actions toward employees in 7 areas of failed protocol. Yet, I have waited for over 4 years for the benefits granted to me retroactive to May 2010. So while Hanoi Jane sips tea poolside, there are children of children’s children of Veterans that do not get peace nor solace in seeing her bought success and hand me downs of a once great man. My Dad was once a great man that gave more than a 2 hour reel for this country, but the unwavering devotion to his country. I hope her soul and those of her legacy were worth her righteous indignation. I wish I could choke her with the night terrors that keep me from resting.at night. May God Bless Jane Fonda with everything she deserves in life and in death. Rest in peace my dear Dad….may you and your brothers and sisters sleep well to know one day people will line up and pay admission to piss on the grave of Hanoi Bitch, Jane Fonda!! Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves and some things are just too far for one man to give forgiveness for.

  5. steven Sanderson

    Thanks for your work on this. I was on my second tour when she was doing her thing. Over the past 40 years I have held nothing but contempt for her. Thank you again for your steadfast dedication to remind everyone of this traitor’s acts.

    • No, thank you Steven. We owe you, and the ones that served alongside you. I had just hoped to do your generation a little justice, and we will not forget. Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment.

  6. Bev

    My brother served in Viet Nam with the Army, 1st Infantry. Thanks for putting in to words what I havent been able to. I hope she roasts in hell.

  7. My best friend who has gone home to the Lord was 82nd airborn, Ed had no use for Hanoi Jane . I don’t either, I remember watching the news as a kid and wondering why sh wasn’t shot for her treason. I guess money makes a diffrence, She will have to take it with the Lord, He is true Judge.

  8. My husband is a combat injured/100%/ disabled Vietnam Vet. We both remember well her antics. Never Forget. !! We too try to let the younger generation know of the acts of treason she did. Funny everyone thought Paula Dean should be punished for something she said 27 years ago that was actually kind of accepted at that time. yet Hanoi jane caused the death of some of our American Vets. She should be charged with treason and hung by the neck until dead. Thank your Dad for his service and thank you for reminding all what a bitch she really is.
    Ralph and Ruth Kirby.

    • Thanks for reading and thank your husband for his service, as well. I’ve been asking my father about Viet Nam for years, as I want to keep straight what he and others such as your husband went through. I sincerely thank you for visiting The ThowDown and saying hello.

  9. Richard

    Being a Vietnam Vet myself I can appreciate your feelings for this “Bitch”. Unfortunately, Obummer will probably read this and give her a medal. With all the sharpshooters and snipers we had in nam, I’m surprised she is still alive.

    • Ha, no joke. Thanks for your service, Richard. They can give her all the worthless medals in DC, but people like us will know better. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. I wont hide the way I feel about this chick.
    I would call her a cunt….but she lacks BOTH the depth and the warmth.
    The day this commie traitor whore pig dies, there is going to be a very long line at her grave site. Vets just waiting to piss or shit on her grave.

    • That’s the great thing about America, you don’t have to hide what you think. She certainly didn’t when she posed for her little photo op. and you’re right. I’m sure the Fonda family will have her located in a very private site. She brought every bit of this on herself. Thanks for the read and comment.

  11. Gale Hulett

    I spent my year in Vietnam at DaNang Air Base, 70-71, and I would love to meet Hanoi Jane in person and spit in her face. Problem is, in what passes for America now, spitting on someone is now considered assault and battery! If I pee on her grave, that is indecent exposure, and I would have to also register as a sex offender because someone COULD, MAYBE, have seen me do it. So, remind me again,why did I volunteer to serve my nation during the Vietnam War, and give the nation 4 years of my life? Was it so Jimmy Carter could give blanket amnesty to the draft Dodgers who fled the country? Was it so that Fonda could get richer after what she did in North Vietnam?

  12. Mike H. W.

    Thank you my Grandfather after I joined the army told me some stories about her. None I could tell so well or with such wonderful wording. As a third generation Veteran from both sides of my family I have herd the hate that they had and have for her, some I inherited from the years. And I will NEVER see any movie or any other crap she has ANY thing to do with. The only reason she was known in the first place was her (sadly to say) departed father that she never deserved had money since he was a well known and good actor.

    • Absolutely. Don’t give her one dollar of support. She’s cast her legacy. More importantly, Mike, thank you and your family for serving. You have my eternal gratitude. Thanks for joining in, as well!

  13. Rob Brownhill

    Not an American, only 12 when Saigon Fell, but Before I ever Knew of her as Jane Fonda, I knew of her as Hanoi Jane. A name I heard with venom and came to realise was a swear word. Since growing up I have seen enough wars and enough forgotten heroes, to know that while war should be abolished, its servicemen and women should never be forgotten or belittled. Nam vets can be assured their feelings are duplicated across the water and they should remember, she has reserved for he, her own sesspit of filth in hell. providing the devil can stomach to have such a treacherous bitch in his domain. from squaddie to vets, “respect and honour”.

    • She abused her fame and disregarded American lives, then encouraged others to do so as well. As my father once said, “I didn’t encourage drunk drivers to run over her as a pedestrian.” Sad thing is, I don’t think she’s truly deep enough to ever get how truly evil her actions were. Thanks for reading.

  14. Army…. 65-69. Great article. Keep it up. I was in a place in California called Mission Ranch. Although we all wore “civvies” when in public, one of our group always wore his Class A Uniform complete with bloused pants & combat boots as well as his Beret. Mission Ranch was a little south of Monterey, where were in the Army Language School at the time. Since most in the “Ranch” bar were a cross between Beatnicks and Hippies (transition time) we were not getting any looks of love. A popular fold singer of the era, JB (I do know the legal ramifications of giving her name) came in and after a short time ended up in a conversation with “Ray”. (Not at liberty to give his last name. He was an SFC in 7th SF). Things seemed to be going ok until he suddenly back-handed her against the wall. Of course all the hippies jumped up and the owner called the Highway Patrol. When the CHIP arrived, we had all the Hippies standing in formation in the parking lot. The first officer who got out of the car approached with a stern warning that we were to leave immediately, as no charges were being brought. As we were walking away he approached us and told us, to paraphrase: “Gentlemen, I must warn you officially that if any of you are seen here again you will be arrested for trespass. “However, off the record, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life” He wished us well and we were on our way. Great memory., Keep up the great work and keep the faith!

  15. She is nothing but only evil

  16. Darren

    I’d bet money grass will never grow on her grave. My greatest wish is that she doesn’t ask to be cremated after her death.

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