Celebrity Shitbag of the Month: Alec Baldwin Edition


"What's in your wallet? Because in mine is a get out of homophobia free card."

“What’s in your wallet? Because in mine is a get out of homophobia free card.”

Of all the celebrity missteps in June, nothing compared to the Michael Jordanesque dunking-overhead of Alec Baldwin.  As I witnessed Baldwin’s tweets in real-time, I was even at a loss seeing the 30 Rock‘s star crash and burn in front of millions.  Sure, he did this to an extent before when Baldwin got into a tweet war with American Airlines and refused to turn his cell phone off, but this…this was different.

Journalist George Stark had reported that Baldwin’s wife was tweeting during actor James Gandolfini’s funeral, which because of a time difference turned out not to be true.  It was wrong, and The Daily Mail should have been more responsible before running a completely off base article.  Rather than handle the offense like a mature adult, however, Baldwin took to Twitter to use homophobic slurs and even threaten  Stark in a frightening rage.  I even tweeted to Baldwin personally, letting him know that this is what lawyers are for, and gang bullying on social media can lead you to some very serious charges.

Not only were Baldwin’s tweets homophobic, as far as I was concerned they were also borderline criminal.

Allow me to explain.  Although most people are now recounting how Baldwin called Stark a “toxic little queen”, it’s being debated by many if Baldwin was being homophobic with this phrase.

If he wasn’t then look no further than when Baldwin tweeted “If [presuming he meant I’d] put my fucking foot up your ass, but I’m sure you’d dig it too much”.  Nah, nothing homophobic about that at all.  Of course, to get his point totally across, Baldwin also used threats.

“George Stark, you lying bitch, I’m going to f%#@ you up.”  Ah, well, we all go a little nutty and say stuff like that when our buttons are pushed….

“I want all of my followers and beyond to straighten out this fucking little bitch, George Stark…”  OK.  That’s when things got really real, at least for me.

Simon Pegg, Ricky Gervais and a few other celebrities have done this before, calling on followers to do some vague act of revenge for them.  Whether referring to bullying on social media or interfering with a target outside of the internet, it is an extremely bad practice.  So bad, that even celebrities will get a nice contact from the media (in these cases Twitter) or if really nasty, authorities do reserve the right to investigate.  Truth be told, I’m not sure our ‘ol pal Alec didn’t get an off the record reprimand from Twitter, which is why he immediately closed his account.

But as it turns out  the next day, Baldwin issued an apology to GLAAD, which immediately told Baldwin he was “already forgiven”.  Of course he was.  He’s a huge liberal blowhard with money.  It doesn’t matter that he used bigoted language, threatened physical violence and promoted cyber bullying on someone.  He voted Democrat.  That absolves him of all his sins.  No need to hold him accountable, or anyone else for that matter.  Words are just words, but political donations…those are forever, baby.

I, as a father checked out on this slack-jawed vomit bin back when he was caught calling his own daughter “a rude little pig.”  Which also, spurred apologists to use the “she was asking for it” defense.  That of course being before he berated a female flight attendant to her face, and on Twitter.  Truly a man of men.  Defamer of little girls, women and now gays.  He’s one webcam penis shot short of being a pro athlete.  And the most delicious part of all…not a word from his biggest employer Capital One.  Still wall to wall Alec Baldwin ads, still redefining ignorance by their own silence.  Which is fine, because apologies are just words anyway.  If one is truly cheesed off at Baldwin’s actions, then hit him where it counts: his pocketbook.  Refuse to do any business with Capital One, or anything that Baldwin is involved with.  Don’t see his movies (like there are any) or shows.  Refuse to give that human horror show one damn dollar.  Or you know, just roll over and accept it, because he votes like you.  Yeah, that’ll show him.

So, when people start using phrases like “toxic little queens” and threatening to break a foot off in your ass because you’d like it, just remember you stood silent, and silence is giving people like Baldwin a pass.  Me?  I’m not afraid to call Ted Nugent an insolent nutjob or John McCain a crazy old man if I disagree with them.  Because I stand up for what I believe to be right.  Political agendas be damned.

Baldwin has professed he’s not a homophobe, and some will still grovel at his feet.  And their voices will have no credibility the next time someone decides to stand above them.  But some will not.  Some will refuse to be bullied, no matter what side of the aisle the bully stands on.

Congratulations, Alec Baldwin.  You’re The ThrowDown’s Celebrity Shitbag of the Month.  Because I’m the kind of person that welcomes a confrontation with a lower than whale shit loser like yourself.



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