Champions: The 2013 Chicago Blackhawks


Around a month ago, I was coming home from my friend and co-blogger Big Angry’s Memorial Day BBQ and suddenly found the urge to stop in to a TGIF’s for a Jack Daniels burger and a beer.  I grabbed a seat at the bar ready for some quality eats when I heard him.  Bartender, around 25, hair perfect and looked to have baby-soft hands.  The Blackhawks were down to the Detroit Red Wings three games to one, which prompted this all-knowing swillbag to say to the handful of folks at the bar,

“Oh yeah, the ‘Hawks were overrated from day one and now they’re finally playing a team that doesn’t have a losing record.”

“The first 24 games they played, they didn’t lose.” I said, which made the little dork quicken the pace as he wiped down the bar.  He just kind of nodded to me as the others looked over to inspect probably the grumpiest 40-year-old they’d ran across in some time.  I honestly wasn’t trying to be an asshole, but I’m at the age where I’m dog sick tired of no-fact narratives.  The punk in the red and white striped clown shirt had no idea what the hell he was talking about, and as a true Blackhawks fan, one that’s watched them for three decades, I was more than ready to smack him in his little Cody Simpson baby face with facts and quite possibly, the tray of jalapeno poppers that waitress Aimeeee (ok, there were only like two “e’s”) had delivered to the guy next to me.

The fact is, the Chicago Blackhawks of this season were destined to win.  When the boys in red did it in 2010, it was a total crapshoot and they luckily walked away with Lord Stanley’s glory.  This season, as I mentioned, losing was something that came once in a long while.  The fact that many on the team are still fairly young, it is a true gift for Blackhawks fans to realize that this team gets even better every season.  Toews and Kane have finally started to replace the memories of the Bobby Hulls and Denis Savards.   Rocky Wirtz has wiped away most of the horrible management decisions of his late father, booze baron “Dollar” Bill Wirtz.  It is an amazing feat to have a pro sports organization that less than six years ago had no full-time receptionist answering the phone to now two, Stanley Cups.

After battling in the playoffs, the Blackhawks ran into an extremely talented Boston Bruins team, with both teams being part of the original six hockey teams of the NHL.  The showdown didn’t disappoint and the series all but erased the lockout shortened season.  It was a Stanley Cup Final that truly saw both organizations leave everything on the ice.

That’s not to say that many sports journalists won’t be stupid enough to try to say the sport “has been damaged” by the lockout, which is complete garbage.  I’ve seen enough lockouts/strikes to know there is one universal truth in sports: the fans always come back.  They may bitch , whine and throw a tantrum, but they come back.  Most of the “journalists” that talk trash about fans seeking revenge on their sport are usually backed by some crazy agenda.  Blathering on about “greedy owners”, these gutter snipes end up spewing trash into their publications while wishfully thinking that fans are going to march on their favorite sports teams arena to show their disgust.  It didn’t happen again this time, even though a major sports publication deemed this year the “end of the NHL”.  Wrong again, assholes.  All it took was for the Chicago Blackhawks to go on an amazing win streak, and back it up by winning one of the most coveted trophies in all of sports.

Game six ended with the same level of excitement that the series contained, with the Blackhawks scoring two goals in less than two minutes to edge Boston, 3-2.  Now, all that’s left is for all the members of this year’s team to enjoy a day with the Cup itself, which will almost certainly be filled with various alcohol throughout the summer, for it is only a short trip to this fall, when it all happens again.

Congratulations to the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks, who not only secured their second championship in four years, but also healed a sport in the process.  As for the paid carnival monkey that is probably still wiping down the bar and not getting laid by the sea of over the hill women that just want to watch “Pretty Little Liars” at TGIFs, have fun serving up those banana daiquiris, loser.  Maybe Patrick Kane will come in someday and spot you a Ben Franklin for a tip.  Or, just call you an asshole.

Until next hockey season, sports fans….


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