Dead On: Walking Dead Season 3 Wrap Up.


Some answers, but more questions arise for next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead

Let’s not mince words here, it’s very difficult when a show like The Walking Dead begins to get noticed to provide a balance between giving new fans something to chew on while keeping the old fans biting. There’s a fine line between good drama, good gore, and just the right amount of zombie action. Not to mention just enough Daryl Dixon to keep the ladies drooling. However, instead of trying to cater to an onslaught of new fans and increased commercial value, this season of The Walking Dead remained true to itself and dished up a dark, twisted, and wondrous view of a world spun off its axis.

This season was very character driven and none drove it with more gusto as David Morrissey playing The Governor. There were some who initially lamented over David Morrissey being chosen to serve as The Governor. It lead to a few even crying foul that Danny Trejo wasn’t chosen due to his close resemblance to the graphic novel’s depiction of The Governor. However, let’s get real here kiddos, David Morrissey pulled it off well. Really well in my opinion. Nothing shouts maniacal dictator like an uptight white guy with esteem issues and recent psychological distress including the death of his wife and zombification of his daughter. He’s a man full of vengeance and he served it up this season with a side of fries and a 64 oz fountain drink that would make Mayor Bloomberg cry. Well done, Mr. Morrissey.

We saw characters come and go, either by death or through apocalypse-induced insanity. Booed when Merle came back and boo-hooed when we saw him die. However, not all the deaths were lamentable. Lori’s death was a welcome occurrence and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought she was just as bitchy as a ghost-hallucination. Morgan, dear Morgan, we’ve missed you since season 1. I’m sorry you succumbed to this world gone awry and I hoped you’d snap out of it and join the group. Alas it wasn’t meant to be, however, at least now we know what happened with you and no longer have to wonder.

I could go on and on over the character growth, good and bad, in season 3. For this season was about depth of each and every person on both sides and enough crazy to fill a side-effect sound bite on a Celebrex commercial. Enough of that though. Let’s cut to the chase and get to this finale.

After viewing what will be the last new The Walking Dead episode I will see for several months, I have to say I was thrilled and then at the end, slightly confused. To say it wasn’t what I expected would be true, yet, I’m tossing around in my head if that’s good or bad. That’s what has been great about this season, there is no definitive right or wrong.

Well, unless you’re The Governor. He’s a few steps beyond wrong and completely bat-shit crazy at this point. To be honest, I love it. My biggest fear was that they would wrap up The Governor saga with the conclusion of this season. In fact, JB and I have been discussing this for that past few weeks.  He has become probably one of the best, if not the best, villains we have seen in a very long time. Yes, I’ve already talked about him earlier, but damn, he’s worth another mention.  Gotta love evil spiraling further into the brink. You know things are just going to get worse from here.

Overall, it was a very satisfying ending to this season. Well, except for maybe the last five to ten minutes. Andrea? Meh, JB called that one before the break. I wasn’t overly attached to her since season one, so to see her go wasn’t as heart wrenching as Dale, Merle, or even her sister, Amy. Carl, well, he has what Stephen King would refer to as “gunslinger eyes.” The kid is cold, calculating. No longer going with his heart but rather following a chilling objectivity that anything is up if it’s for the good of the group.  Rick, my man, you’ve done it:  Ghost Lori is gone! Now, time to get a handle on Carl before he goes completely apeshit.

However, what left me with an odd taste in my mouth was the ending. Yes, it was good to get the remaining residents of Woodbury together and join forces. Yet, going back to the prison? Seems to me that prison isn’t as sound as it would appear considering how many times it has been easily breached. Though as I write this, is Woodbury really any better? Granted, it would be better suited to meet the needs of everyone from shelter to food. However, you’re talking about the town that The Governor helped to design and defend. Who knows? I’ll leave it to you forum lurkers out there to hash this one out.

Overall, season three of The Walking Dead was an amazing journey. There were very few times that I wasn’t satisfied after watching an episode. Hats off to Glenn Mazzara for playing such a great part in presenting us with an amazing glimpse of how the human element perseveres and crumbles when presented with extreme conditions and choices beyond difficulty. It’s truly a shame to see him depart as show runner after only one season. I can only hope they will continue down the dark, winding, and ultimately, grossly entertaining path we’ve been lead down this season.

Well, folks, as we say farewell to our band of heroes and villains until next October, we can go to bed tonight satisfied that The Walking Dead has stumbled down the right path. Keep it up guys. Now is not the time to falter.

Now, if you will excuse me, it’s time to check out the season premier of Game of Thrones.


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