Unacceptable: CBS’ “The Amazing Race” Tramples Memories of U.S. Soldiers


Wreckage of the U.S. bomber on CBS' The Amazing Race

Wreckage of the U.S. bomber on CBS’ The Amazing Race

“I thought I was just being a baby”, my father the Viet Nam veteran said to me over the phone. Now, I had heard some of the backlash over the last episode of The Amazing Race on CBS, involving teams that had to complete a challenge with the wreckage of a U.S. B-52 bomber as the backdrop. The plane was shot down during the Viet Nam war and moved to the city of Hanoi as a “memorial”.

And as CBS usually does, they doubled down on the stupidity by having contestants on the show proceed to a venue where they had to sing a patriotic Vietnamese ditty that basically said how great it was to be a Communist and how glorious Viet Nam truly is. All under the portrait of that über swell commie garbage sack, Ho Chi Minh.

My father is a man who rarely gripes, whines or cries about his days in the VN war. As a viewer of the show, my father was more than a little frosted about the backdrop of a plane that U.S. soldiers were killed in, but told me again how he “was probably the only one upset by it”. No dad, you weren’t. In fact, I’m pretty sure most any vet that was aware of the show was mad as hell, and even some of the vets of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been vocal on the issue.

And although the backlash against CBS has been great, many vets and families are seeking an apology from the network. Sorry folks. The only apology these sympathetic media half wits understand is the language of money. CBS has a long and storied history of its sanctimonious bullcrap concerning the VN war through the mouths of morons like Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite, so this latest uproar comes to no surprise to many. That being said, and I’m rarely viewed as anything close to an “activist”, I’ve decided to put my talents to use by jabbing the “eye” network right in said body part. Since no one seems to have tackled it yet, let’s have a look at those who sponsor The Amazing Race. I’ve also provided a direct contact link so you can let these people who advertise on the show know they’ll be held accountable, as well.

Main sponsor: Travelocity, which is a company belonging to Sabre Holdings. Feel free to contact Joel.Frey@travelocity.com(PR Director)

Unilever (mainly advertises Dove and Ragu on the show) Contact them, and submit a form here.

Kellogg’s, contact them here. Or better yet, call them at 1-800-962-1413.

Macy’s, contact them here, by filling out the form.

Nestle (mainly Purina ads) contact them here, by filling out the form.

But most importantly, contact CBS right here. Tell them you don’t appreciate them desecrating the memories of this country’s sons and daughters. You can also tell ’em to eat a giant pile of…nevermind, I have every intention of telling them myself.

There are several other companies that advertise on the show, but this will be an excellent start. Let them know this isn’t about political parties. It’s about right and wrong. And CBS, as usual, you’re wrong. At this point I wasn’t sure there was another network that could make NBC look like it’s run by sane people.

Personally, I find it a horrific shame that this kind of behavior is still tolerated by dolts that still enjoy the freedoms of our country but get bent out of shape because someone they never met had the nerve to buy a 32 oz. soda. For the most part, men that died in that war were there because they were called, and they went. They didn’t run like cowards to another country, or get a free pass because they were a celebrity. They were drafted, sent away and 58,000+ never returned home. If you find what The Amazing Race and the hipster a holes at CBS deplorable, then do something about it. Contact the advertisers of the show, and ask them if they expect you to buy their products in good conscience, knowing the show is an insult to any veteran or their families. CBS loves nothing more than to present themselves as the beacon of righteousness, and they’ll keep believing that as long as good people stay silent.

Well, I say to the hacks over at CBS and their families that support this kind of behavior…for veterans, their families, citizens that are proud of our great country, and most of all…for my father…

Gentlemen. Screw you and your programming by simple-minded troglodytes. I rarely forgive, and I certainly don’t forget. If I had my way, an upcoming challenge on The Amazing Race would be to have the teams drink as much strawberry milk as a person can hold, lock them in CBS chairman Jeff Fager’s office and let the teams leave only after they’ve expelled the excess from whatever human orifice. Yeah, that beats an apology for me.

*Just an update, CBS has now apparently issued an apology for the recent events. Thanks, it only took seven days and pressure from people like me.

And Dad…you’re welcome.


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