Good Riddance to Ray Lewis


Ah, the role model mug shot. Never gets old.

This Saturday the Baltimore Ravens face the Denver Broncos in what may be the last time Ray Lewis suits up for an NFL game, and more than likely in five years, Lewis will give his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech, just twenty short miles from two graves that will cast a shadow on the festivities.  Yet, according to the NFL and ESPN we’re all encouraged to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”  For those of you that are too young to have known, and those of you that are too ignorant to care, Ray Lewis is directly related to the two young men in those graves.

Back on January 31, 2000, Ray Lewis and his pals were outside of an Atlanta nightclub, a fight occurred that left Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker dead in the street of multiple stab wounds to the chest.  Most notably, the white suit Lewis was wearing on the night of the murders, was described as stained with blood by witnesses, has never been found.  Lewis agreed to a guilty plea for obstruction of justice as a deal to testify against his two friends also with him during the incident.  Lewis got a slap on the wrist, his pals were acquitted, even after Lewis admitted they bought knives that day, and nobody…not one single soul sits in a jail cell for the death of those two young men.

It’s alright folks, nothing to see here,  just plea out and all is forgiven.  An entire crowd of people saw pretty much nothing.  Evidence has disappeared.  There’s blood that can link Lewis to the murder in his limo, but hey, let’s cut a deal for Ray Fucking Lewis.  This is a man who should have had his balls in a vice until he shit out that white suit.  Fact of the matter is, he lied to the police, and the legal system was able to find a way to get a rich, high-profile personality off the hook.  It’s a story as old as time itself.  Prison is for poor people.  Folks like Ray Lewis get to settle out of court and go on television in clothes that cost more than the average mortgage payment and be all respectable like.

And settle Ray Lewis did.  Back in 2004, Ray Lewis gave a cash settlement to the families of the two victims to avoid a civil case.  Because, much like the über swell OJ Simpson, Lewis knew if the case proceeded he was sunk.  Criminal cases get fucked up all the time, only to have the civil case following produce a treasure trove of new information.  No one will have to worry about that, however.  Ray Lewis wrote a check.  All is well.  You know, because Ray just felt bad about the whole deal…for some reason unknown to the public.  Or anyone for that matter, but Ray knows.  Ray knows.

So, how does the sporting world react to such events?  Why, by making Ray Lewis our wronged king, of course.  The following 13 years after the murder has erased all the blood and money.  Lewis is giving inspirational speeches to the young people of the world that also want to find the proper way to beat a murder rap, producing six kids by four different mothers, making TV specials showing how much he’s grown as person, and preaching, yes preaching to us.  Because if you can’t handle Tim Tebow talk about religion, you can always turn to the guy that had to strip bloody clothing off in his limo to lead you to God.  And Michael Vick organized dog fights, so you know he’s ten times worse than Lewis ever could pretend to be.  Sorry Mike, you just don’t make enough money to get yourself off the sporting world’s shit list.  Lewis has money, and money talks.  Or silences, in this case.

Ironically, Lewis is the only one who hasn’t been silent.  Doing his little happy dance before a game, and preaching God’s glory, Lewis is the poster child for the NFL.  He inspires us all to become better people, work hard and promotes the next generation to reach their untapped potential.  But know this my young friends, your hard work will mean nothing without cold hard cash to back up your mistakes.  That is the true legacy of the inspirational Ray Lewis.

In the next few weeks, the NFL season will end, leaving Ray Lewis as the newest member of the ESPN crew.  Frankly, I won’t be watching  as I’ve listed most of the ESPN talking heads as assholes anyway, so Lewis will be a perfect fit.  As for his personal life, don’t close the book on our swell pal Ray Ray just yet.  Money and fame can keep the beast domesticated for only so long.  Sooner or later though, that blood lust bubbles to the top.  The beast must feed, Ray.  Just ask OJ.



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4 responses to “Good Riddance to Ray Lewis

  1. Brooks

    Villans and cowards use god as a Mask.. Preach on Ray

  2. BCar

    That was amazingly well said, a petition needs to be started to fire Ray from ESPN, it is a proven fact he paid the family to silence them. The facts are the facts and he paid his way out of the situation he put himself in. God knows he had his hand in the murders, it is too bad it will take his death until his final judgment is served.

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