No Goodbyes For Old Men


This IS Chicago.  Welcome to The ThrowDown

This IS Chicago. Welcome to The ThrowDown

I won’t lie.  If you’ve noticed the extended vacation The ThrowDown has been on, it’s because I fully intended to shut down.  I’ve grown exceedingly tired of reporting the antics of a bunch of celebribabies that have become completely disconnected with the working public.  I truly believe most of these assholes don’t deserve fame, and abuse it whenever they can.  As I’ve said before, we can no longer just “change the channel” on the millionaires in Hollywood any longer.  They use social media to now flood us with their views, which are worth no more than yours, or mine.

So, realizing the fight was no longer worth it, I’d prepared myself to work on getting in shape, playing with my kids, and moving forward behind my locked door.  That’s when the perfect storm happened.  It was the critical mix of seeing my Arland Williams post being reblogged still after a year and a half, a little Dutch boy commenter and a Bob Probert video on YouTube that made me remember.  Remember why I started The ThrowDown in the first place.  It wasn’t for cushy celebrity interviews and posts to tell you what a swell father I am.  It was to fucking stand up, throw off the gloves and throwdown, just like Probie did for many years in hockey arenas all over.  As the line in an old song goes, “sometimes you gotta fight, if you’re a man”.

This will be my ice.  This is where I will goddamn pummel shaved apes like Simon Pegg, Piers Morgan and Madonna.  God help them all in 2013.  I’m about to be the hero WordPress needs.  Not the one it deserves.

~Back soon, JB.



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8 responses to “No Goodbyes For Old Men

  1. free penny press

    If not for writers like you who so boldly peel back the curtain, many of these celebrities would still be stars in our eyes.. i say bring em down!!

    • And I should have mentioned I’m not going after EVERY celebrity. I know decent ones such as Brad Pitt are taking care of our country’s good folks in a city you write of often, New Orleans. That’s great in my book. But the punch drunk ones that believe their own hype…well I have every intention of calling them out. Thanks again for supporting us while we get back on track!

  2. Hi there, I log on to your blogs like every week. Your writing style is witty, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! The ThrowDown is purely written to give some free entertainment, something to take your mind off your problems, and quite possibly say some of the things not everyone feels strong enough to say. It’s because of people like you that it remains. Thanks again for reading and visiting us!

  3. Ken

    Looking forward to it! Take ’em down!

    • Ken, if there’s anything a love more than a good, solid karmic beatdown, it’s doing it to someone that has chosen to abuse the fame and fortune that they’ve been graced with. If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. And thanks for the support, as I value all who have my back.

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