God Costas Quotes Sweathog “Journalist” Jason Whitlock to Revise Bill of Rights


God aka "Bob" Costas

God aka “Bob” Costas

No games, little stories or sarcastic bullshit I can drum up to intro this article is going to hide my contempt for my pals over at NBC and he who hath presided over us, God “Bob” Costas. Last night on what’s been the norm for a Sunday Night Football bomb of the week, fans had the privilege of seeing the abysmal Philadelphia Eagles take on the mediocre Dallas Cowboys. As this wasn’t deemed cruel and unusual punishment enough for the rest of the country, NBC went to their old standby, i.e. insulting viewers’ intelligence to stop the massive flow of people switching to the encore presentation of AMC’s The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Enter God. Costas, I mean.

Given a few minutes of airtime to address the plebes present a halftime report, Costas took the opportunity to capitalize on the tragic murder/suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Belcher, on December 1st, took the life of his girlfriend in front of his mother, then drove to the Chief’s practice facility and shot himself in front of head coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli. Quite obviously, this week of NFL games was shadowed by the horrific incident.

The Belcher tragedy will be questioned by many once again of the ongoing effects of CTE and traumatic brain injury. Although Belcher was never diagnosed with a concussion, it doesn’t exclude the possibility that damage had been done. All this was lost on Costas, NBC and a hack journalist out of Kansas City who used the tragedy to once again bang the “take away our guns” drum. Costas, attempting to hide his usual far left lock step viewpoints, quoted an article by former NFL player Jason Whitlock and used the “I don’t always agree with him” defense. Oh? Not always? Like for example when Whitlock wrote an article for ESPN titled “A Chink in the Armor” about Chinese NBA player Jeremy Lin, then went on Twitter to hint about Asian males’ penis size? Sure, that was a blue ribbon moment not to side with Whitlock. Or how about this gem, which I’m sure all women will certainly be on board with:

“[A] moderately famous man earning between $250K and $500K a year should be allowed a mistress he can see weekly, one week-long, $8,000 vacation he can take with his mistress and five strip club nights with his boys a year.”

Jason Whitlock everybody…he’s a big barrel of fucking dumbass. No really. I figure since brain injury may be an issue in this tragedy, it’s only fair that a former player with a brain full of crap should chime in. Whitlock is a racist, misogynist that proves the pen is mightier than the sword when neanderthals like him wield one. But that didn’t stop Costas from agreeing with him on national television, sneering at our country’s Bill of Rights while strangely enough, God Bless America played as the halftime song in the stadium. Well played, Costas. You’ve made Marv Albert look like the most credible sports analyst NBC has ever employed.

Costas closed by once again referencing Whitlock’s article in saying that if Belcher didn’t own a gun he, and his girlfriend would still be alive. So profoundly stupid was this statement, I was half expecting Costas to also say that if John Wilkes Booth also hadn’t owned a gun, honest Abe would still be with us, as well. Since Costas is a beacon of righteousness, I’m fully willing to give up my Second Amendment rights, immediately after Costas gives up his First Amendment rights. It’s a big sacrifice, but I’m willing to do it if it’ll shut Costas the fuck up.

Dear Costas, Whitlock and NBC. Thank you for once again pushing brain injury and depression under the rug to make a political statement. I can’t wait for next week’s football slate so Chris Collinsworth can claim that controversial Detroit Lion Nadmukong Suh’s ass sweat is the cause of global warming. Here’s the Costas video, you’ll feel dumber having watched it.


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