Albion Swords Puts “History in Your Hand” on the ThrowDown


Albion Swords puts “History in Your Hands”

One of our favorite things to do when doing video shoots is promoting a product that we find unique, outstanding and a one of a kind find.  When the ThrowDown ventured over to Chicago comic con this season, we found exactly that.  Our feet were tired, our patience was thin, and all three of us had mentally checked out on all things celebrity or comic book show based…that is until we found our new friends at Albion Swords, Inc.

Honestly, I’d never even thought of owning a sword, until I saw the workmanship on display from Mike and Lars, who were able to give me a few moments to join me on the video ThrowDown.  I’ve got plenty of wall space, and the esteemed ex Mrs. Bloomquist would have no legal right to it, so it’s a win all the way around.

Being a full-time supporter of small business, I was completely impressed that with a handful of employees, some ambition and a truckload of natural talent, Albion Swords produces a product which is just that good.  And since all you loyals are gonna want to check it all out in detail, after you watch the video of course, head over to the gang at Albion’s site, which you can find here.

Trust me on this one, our vid and pics don’t do the product justice.  If Hollywood productions are using these guys as suppliers for items, you aren’t going to find anything closer to what you’re looking for.  Check em out, and tell em your uncle Maddawg sent ya.

Roll ’em!



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2 responses to “Albion Swords Puts “History in Your Hand” on the ThrowDown

  1. Excellent post with the history of this sword…
    I usually read the story of swords in very back days…
    When there wasn’t any Guns but there are swords i just love swords fight..
    Thanks for this post to share with us…

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