The Dead Prepare to Walk Again on October 14th


AMC’s The Walking Dead returns on October 14th

Little update from your boys at The ThrowDown…

While the end of summer sometimes signifies the end of all the fresh new blogs that came out in the spring, primarily because the average blog folds it’s doors within around three months, we at The ThrowDown are readying for the next busy point in our never-ending season.  Fall for us brings back one of our favorite topics, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and I’m looking forward to once again hearing our own “Big Angry” Jay Richards reports on one of the best shows on cable television.

The next season should start at a pretty good speed, since what we’ve heard is there will again be some losses of the cast early on, as well as the return of some familiar faces.  Add this to the fact that viewers are scrambling to get a view of Michonne or “The Governor” and the next month should make for some fairly decent viewing.  Unless Glen Mazzara lets his brain get in the way, much as he did last year.

So, as Angry prepares himself for the upcoming work load, and Johnny Rants still keeps sifting over the vids we’ll be releasing over the next run…I also have a few things in the planning stage.

I was dedicating my full attention to getting The ThrowDown Podcast ready for release, while working on an article now and then when I ran into a tale I could not turn down.  I’m doing long hours of research for a story that has been tackled by many lesser bloggers, but this time…it’s me.  I have every intention of unraveling the subject where others have failed miserably.  Then again, that’s what you, our loyals have come to expect from us.   We value your time, and have no intentions on wasting it with recipes for “popcorn ball pumpkins” or how the geology in Southwest America promotes a greater base for granite.  This is The ThrowDown, and it’s ok.  We know you can’t live without us.

So, hang in there while we reload.  Soon enough, you’ll be right where you should be.  Checking on WordPress’ Most Dangerous Blog…The ThrowDown.




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2 responses to “The Dead Prepare to Walk Again on October 14th

  1. Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work
    and reporting keeps me reading! Keep up the excellent work.

    I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

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