Colin Cunningham Wows on The ThrowDown


Falling Skies actor, Colin Cunningham

Every once in a while a moment occurs that completely changes the mood of a situation. Case in point: let’s rewind to about 3/4 of our day at 2012 Chicago Comic Con.  JB, Rants, and myself had our share of high and low points throughout the day and our collective patience had grown thin. The result of our fatigue and growing frustration ended up in a heated debate in a crowded walkway with frequent glances from several passersby. Once completed, the three of us were left snappy, pissed off, and pretty much finished with each others’ perceived bullshit.  We were at a crossroads: do we try to interview any more people or just call it a day and get a beer?

Then Rants suggested we interview film/TV actor Colin Cunningham, who has been featured in many films including Elektra, The Sixth Day, and Best in Show. You may know him best, dear ThrowDowner, as John Pope in the TNT breakout hit of 2011, Falling Skies. We debated for a moment and  JB  insisted I do the interview.  I nervously took the job, my pulse instantly rising as I know I’m not as smooth and comfortable in front of the camera as my compatriot.  We approached him and requested the interview. However, after having a day of varying responses for our requests, I wasn’t feeling that enthusiastic that he would acquiesce.

Boy was I wrong.

Upon our request, Colin enthusiastically agreed and readily answered our questions. What ensued was an in-depth and concise interview where Mr. Cunningham seemed genuinely engaged. Colin was generous with his time and is an actor who still realizes that it’s the fans that make the star as much as one’s talent.  It was a high point of the day and upon completing the interview, the mood between the three of  us I had previously described had completely turned around.  We were re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Thank you, Colin Cunningham, for giving those of us at The ThrowDown a great interview experience.

I hope you enjoy this interview and please feel free to laugh as heartily as JB, Rants, and myself did at my gaffe at the end of the interview.  Yes, this was my Freshman attempt in front of the camera, and I am comfortable with my noob status.

Please be sure to check out Colin’s site, follow him on Twitter @CunninghamColin and catch Falling Skies on TNT.



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2 responses to “Colin Cunningham Wows on The ThrowDown

  1. Without sounding condescending, I’m proud of your interview, Big Angry. A marvelous job, and you’re absolutely right. Colin turned things around for us in a big way that afternoon, and I want to personally thank him for being such a great guy. Like Julia Benson last year for us, I think Colin is the big show stealer, this season. And gotta love that we left the handshake flub in at the end. Consider it your hazing into the “front of the camera” club! Nice work, my friend.

  2. free penny press

    Another good interview, guys. I admit to not knowing who he is, but i will say from a female perspective, he’s easy on the eyes!!

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