USADA Declares Lance Armstrong Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Strips Icon of Seven Tour de France Titles


Lance Armstrong

One really has to appreciate the raw, unbridled power that a government bureaucracy such as the United States Anti-Doping Agency has acquired.  Without a shred of actual evidence, countless negative test results and God like powers, USADA CEO Travis Tygart finally got his political wet dream come true.  Stripping Lance Armstrong of no less than seven Tour de France titles, and banning Armstrong from competition for life.  Tygart, a greaseball attorney from North Carolina has sat on his majestic throne of power at the USADA since 2007, previously was an “athlete”, and an associate for a sports law practice, which quite obviously makes him more than qualified to smite entire careers.  Tygart’s official word on the matter:

“Any time we have overwhelming proof of doping, our mandate is to initiate the case through the process and see it to conclusion as was done in this case.”

Most of the cycling world is still waiting to hear what the “overwhelming proof of doping” the CEO referred to actually is.  Apparently, Tygart didn’t feel that was necessary information, because you know, who needs to be bogged down with little issues like proof when you can murder someone in the court of public opinion?

Late thursday, Armstrong published a statement , which basically sums up that he has no interest in going any further with the charade perpetuated by the witch hunters at the USADA.  After years of submitting to blood and urine tests, the USADA constantly moves the bar back so Armstrong is still “in question”.  Since no physical evidence exists to condemn Armstrong, the USADA has relied on “several anonymous witnesses” for probable cause to pretty much harass Armstrong.  Now that the cyclist won’t play the game the USADA requires, they have struck down with Heavenly force and wiped away everything that Armstrong achieved.  Really, the only thing he can do is have his attorney appeal, which let’s face it, no court is going to dare to splinter the might of the USADA.  I’d love him to fight on, but I see Armstrong’s reasoning that it would probably cost him his entire fortune.

The real kicker here is the fact that the International Cycling Union chimed in, and requires a full, detailed explanation on just why Armstrong should be stripped of his titles. An explanation they may never get given Tygart’s personal mission to destroy Armstrong.  And of course, most of France will be in full agreement because they simple can’t stand the fact that an American dominated their nation’s event for so long.

The fact remains, that without a shred of evidence, Armstrong is probably the greatest cyclist to peddle his way into history.  His Livestrong Foundation has compiled no less than $500 million dollars  and has done more for men’s cancer awareness than any other person, or group on the planet in history.

Of course, this matters not to the brain cases on Twitter, that have deemed Armstrong a “cheat” and for some sick reason, tried to organize a campaign to get the famous yellow bracelets pulled, because obviously, cancer isn’t a problem.  For them.   My advice to those repugnant dickheads is to admit you know nothing, and get the fuck out of the way while we grown ups try to figure out solutions to real problems while you search for the latest internet meme.  Assholes.

No matter what the final word of yet another bullshit government agency is, most rational folks understand that Lance Armstrong is just another case of a person being squashed by a political agenda. And if the agenda can squash him, it most certainly can squash you.



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17 responses to “USADA Declares Lance Armstrong Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Strips Icon of Seven Tour de France Titles

  1. Ben

    Using the 2005 standard he looks to have been doping in the mid 90’s. By not allowing his team mates to testify (including Hincapie who never tested positive) he gets to save a bit of face I suppose.

    “As early as 1993, Armstrong’s testing data as a member of Team USA was aberrational. As SI reported in January, USA Cycling sent a request to the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory in 1999 for past test results — testosterone-epitestosterone ratios — for a cyclist identified only by his drug-testing code numbers. A source with knowledge of the request says that the cyclist was Armstrong. The lab responded, detailing the cyclist’s test results from 1991 to 1998, with one missing season: 1997, the only year during that span in which Armstrong didn’t compete. Three results — a 9.0-to-1 ratio in 1993, a 7.6-to-1 in 1994 and 6.5-to-1 in 1996 — were abnormally high. Most people have a ratio of 1-to-1. Before 2005, any ratio above 6.0-to-1 was considered abnormally high and evidence of doping; in 2005 that ratio was lowered to 4.0-to-1. But the high ratios had not led to sanctions….

    As SI reported previously, allegations by teammates that Armstrong used EPO go back even before his first Tour win. Stephen Swart, Armstrong’s teammate on the 1995 Motorola team told SI that he was on a training ride with Armstrong after a race in Italy in March 1995 when Armstrong, disappointed with the team’s results, suggested the riders start taking EPO. “He was the instigator,” says Swart, who admitted to using EPO after that conversation with Armstrong. “It was his words that pushed us toward doing it. It was his advice, his discussions.”

    • “looks to have”.

      Now, Ben, smart guys like us know that isn’t anywhere near grounds to deprive a man of his livelihood in any court in the U.S. They also tried rummaging through old tests to see if they could get something to stick. That didn’t work either. But, I applaud you for digging up the SI article that was speculative then, and still is. Thanks for your input.

  2. free penny press

    I’m certainly no authority on doping, but from what i do know in this case he has yet to have a positive test. For me, the man the man had cancer, came back to whip natural born ass on the road..Just him and a bike.. Stripping him of all of his accomplishments (or should I say titles) will never negate the fact he is an inspiration, survivor and can out ride anyone on that Doping board. I have been a fan & supporter of Lance for many years and will continue to do so..

    Hope that panel of people people big now.. Wonder who they’ll go after next.. Blah!!

    • Well put. And you’re correct, Armstrong has never failed a drug test. The USADA’s entire case revolves around 10 “surprise!” witnesses and the rest of the evidence will be presented “at the time of the case”. Apparently the government agency doesn’t have to bother itself with things like Full Disclosure. The scary part is, you’re right about who’s next. Checks and balances isn’t working anymore.

  3. This is ridiculous. In order to participate he had to pass a drug test. He did. End of story. Sounds to me like this attorney is more interested in being a media whore best known as the guy who took down Lance Armstrong than someone with a vested interest in ethical athletics.

    • Bingo. Tygart wants to be the guy that finally took down a legend. He’s doing it through underhanded tactics, and the court is agreeing to look the other way. Notice how the USADA doesn’t hold power over the powerhouse sports, ie the NFL, MLB, NBA, either. They are sanctioned by another body. This way, the USADA only has to fight people like Armstrong or olympic athletes, because the bigger sports have so much money to fight claims like Tygart is making.

  4. larry c.

    Well stated:the Feds need to step in & put Mr.tygart out at the curb where his rationale ugly American & all others who follow his HYPE.

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  6. not who you think

    Damn, whatever happened to a follow-up post on this? Seems like it wasn’t accurate.

    • And you had to go back two years to make a comment like this. You’re an absolute moron. Reread the title of the post, asshole.

    • Also, sport, what’s not accurate? The post was written well before any admission by Armstrong. Am I now responsible for Armstrong lying? Seems like your comment is just a cheap shot so you can cover for your lack of any real talent. Go troll on Yahoo!Sports like all the other sub humans. Fool.

      • not who you think

        What wasn’t accurate?

        Assertions that there was no evidence, not knowing that at the time the evidence did not have to be publicly shared, claiming there was no physical evidence, asserting Armstrong was “harassed”, believing that Armstrong would probably “lose his entire fortune” in arbitration, assertions that Armstrong was a victim of someone’s political agenda, something only “rational” people understood.

        Perhaps I’m a talentless subhuman, but I still think I would’ve managed to put together something a little more couth than this. Although I’ve seen worse amongst Lance defenders.

      • Ah the old “I could have written something better” defense. But you didn’t. I think I hear your mom calling you to dinner. Better go upstairs before she gets mad.

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