Luke Perry, Actor, Celebrity and Guest on The ThrowDown!


Actor, Luke Perry joined us on The ThrowDown

When I started The ThrowDown, I honestly didn’t believe it would lead me into certain situations.  I’ve said on several occasions, that when I officially “opened” this gig, I was going to be impressed if more than three people read my work.  Three years later, I’ve added my two great friends to the mix, penned hundreds of articles and still never truly believe it when I come to grips that hundreds of thousands have now read not only my work, but also the efforts of Big Angry Jay Richards, and John Rantavius.  Really, the extra helping of crazy sauce on this whole mess is I never expected to do the video portion.  It was pretty much Rants idea, and I’m glad he felt so strongly about including these bits, since now, I’ve chatted with a wide range of famous folk.

Example?  I never expected once that back in around ’92 while watching Luke Perry make out with Shannen Doherty on Beverly Hills, 90210, that I’d be asking for a moment of his time…only to make my second question to him revolve around a famous radio shock jock’s ass.

And for those of you wondering, although actor John Stamos portrayed the incident in the movie Private Parts, the action at the 1992 MTV Music Awards was all between Howard Stern and our guest, Luke Perry.

I found Luke to be a great guest, and never once referred me to an agent, handler or some random volunteer that Wizard World assigned to him to ward off reporters like myself.  Luke handled his business, agreed to be on camera to say hi, and went on with greeting his fans.  Believe me, there were more than several celebrities in attendance that could take a serious lesson about being a professional, or just interacting with your fan base from Mr. Perry, and we’d like to thank him for taking the time to join us.



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6 responses to “Luke Perry, Actor, Celebrity and Guest on The ThrowDown!

  1. Love Luke Perry, still looking good.

  2. free penny press

    That’s awesome.. Yes, he seems like a really down to earth kinda guy!!

    • Liked his attitude. Most celebs we saw that day were too busy banging on their IPhones and generally screwing around. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure I saw a chair where Luke was stationed. Guy was always standing.

  3. He was so great! Just a real genuine person. Comes across in everything he does. Fun interview!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. He had me laughing from the start when I mentioned our name, asked for a interview, and without missing a beat Luke said, “you got it buddy. Let’s throw it down!”. Thanks again for reading, and watching us!

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