An Apology From The ThrowDown


Upon returning to WordPress one year ago, The ThrowDown has attained some amazing successes.  The distance this blog has travelled since 2009 has far surpassed my expectations and will continue to do so.  However, as the creator of The ThrowDown, I have to accept failures or mismanagements with “the buck stops here” mentality.  There has been something that’s been bothering me for sometime now, and it’s the fact that I haven’t been completely honest with my blogging.  One could go back a year ago, when we relaunched, and one of the first phrases I mentioned was, “we tell it like it truly is”.  At some point since then, I stopped doing that.  For this, I apologize to all readers of The ThrowDown.

This blog not only survives, but flourishes on the principle that we don’t bullshit you.  We all love readers, but our commitment is to writing posts that not many other blogs would dare to pen.  You expect more from us, and you should.  So, let’s correct a few missteps that have been made recently, before we all move forward.  Because, as Bob Dylan once sang, “O the times, they are a changin’.”

First off, I would like to apologize to the commenter “Keef”, which she actually posted several comments on my post that more than a few of you read, The Man That Said No to @SimonPegg.  Feel free to view our exchange, and I will apologize for being in some sort of Zen/Ghandi mode when I dealt with her.  I’d like to correct that.  Keef actually insulted me several times and had the audacity to bring up America’s involvement with Israel, which was completely inappropriate.  She used fancy terms like “jingoism” and called me a douche several times.  Obviously, she’s been attending one of the fine “pro-American” classes at Berkley, CA in her “ten years” in our country.

Keef, if you’re out there somewhere, just know I think you’re a Jew hating, America bashing vomit sack that may talk to your pussy whipped little monkey of a husband like a Nazi bitch, but I’m not him (you could only hope to be so lucky), you four star troglodyte.  Go fuck yourself rotten.  The ThrowDown compiles views that could fill a major sports venue, and none of those fine folks come here to hear your stupid tripe.  You had one shot at fame, and you blew it, in front of thousands.  I’m very sorry…that your such a bona-fide loser.

Moving on, I’d also like to apologize for promoting certain blogs in the past that really have no business being associated with us.  I’ve amended our “Friends of The ThrowDown” list on the sidebar and removed the blogs in question.  Later this year, we will be once again doing what we consider our “high-profile” posts, i.e celebrity interviews, and I see no need for those blogs to benefit from our popularity.  Best of luck to you, but we don’t support freeloader blogs.

Also, I’d like to apologize to one blog posting site in particular, where a few readers have been offended, and have tried to get us reported as spam.   You’re obviously too young to understand that you don’t have to read our posts if you don’t like them.  Please.  Go somewhere else, we encourage you to leave if you’re too much of a pansy to hear a different point of view.

Truly, I do apologize to the loyal ThrowDown readers that have had to stomach my “kinder, gentler” moments, as they won’t be happening again.  As for the ones that enjoy neutral blogging without any sort of opinion whatsoever, we are not for you.  You can find any one of those blogs in the “Freshly Pressed” section of WordPress.  WE, are The ThrowDown.  And we will continue to tell it, like it truly is.



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4 responses to “An Apology From The ThrowDown

  1. free penny press

    *clap* *clap* *clap*…
    the main reason I read your blog is for the honesty.. many blogs here on WP keep just on this side of correctness for fear they may lose a reader..Ok, lose one gain one is my theory..I am going to go read the heated exchange you cited (I love a good verbal swapping match and have been in a few myself)…If my 2 cents count for anything, keep writing the truth and to hell with the close minded buggers..Let them go look at the pretty Japanese pictures on Fresh Pressed (which I wonder about the little group that actually sits around and picks they are a real lively bunch..”Oh look, a new recipe for Thai chicken wraps”..

    • Thanks for the support, we do appreciate it. We were all actually laughing at WordPress when some of the celebrities were reblogging our interviews and posts, but here, WordPress thinks people would much rather read articles on how to make popcorn balls or parade the creepy guy that comments on every single female blogger’s posts because he thinks this is a dating site. And then they wonder why we refuse to “just get along” with everybody….

  2. Holy Crap that creepy guy follows me too! I think I need to pretend I’m a dude.
    As for the haters– it just means you are doing something right. Anyone who has the time to “hate rant” in the comments obviously isn’t getting laid.

    • Well, Keef wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, she didn’t quite understand that I was cutting her off for going off the reservation. I jokingly called it the spam filter, but I wasn’t going to let her just fill the comments with geopolitical hatred. As for WordPress and the creepers, yeah, I really want them to install a “behind the blog” social tool, for those that like it away from the general blog reading public. Having conversations unfold right in the comments is a bit strange.

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