Because Nothing Says Flavored Water Like Creepy Animal People


Ick.  And I’m not talking about the beverage additive.

You see, tasty beverage fans, around a year ago Kraft foods decided it was going to fully invade the drink flavor market and show the world what they’ve been missing.  They made a conscious effort to throw truckloads of cash after various research studies in the drink market showed the brain cases at Kraft’s R&D department something unbelievable.

“Consumers tell us they can’t believe nobody has thought of this before.”, was actually what Kraft beverages senior brand R&D manager Liza Laibe went on record with, pertaining to their focus groups.

The only problem with that is, someone had already thought of it.  It’s called Kool-Aid, and it’s been around since roughly 1927.  Not to mention the fact that several other smaller companies have already introduced a water supplement, at a cheaper price and fewer additives.  The real kicker here is that even Kraft already has a water supplement on the market, being the highly successful Crystal Light.  So just who exactly is the major food company trying to push this product off on?

Not only are health experts saying the product “isn’t great for the body”, but at $4.00 a bottle for what many buyers have reviewed as bad tasting water, Kraft decided to turn to a tested method of selling products that are indeed, dead in the water, pun intended.  They added cartoon animals.

After viewing the most recent commercial for MiO, one can only assume that Kraft has targeted kids, lesbians and people who are pro-plastic surgery.  Good luck with that.  Personally, I turn to Kraft for individually wrapped slices of cheese and caramels, and don’t consider their opinion on what’s hip, cool or what happens at the local “water hole”.

But that’s just me.  I also prefer coffee flavored coffee.  Hold the disturbing animals.


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