Walking Dead Season 2 Wrap-Up


Who was that shrouded figure?? *cough, cough* Michonne *cough cough*

Season two of The Walking Dead has given us plenty to talk, debate, and bitch about.  The first season was a wild roller coaster ride that combined the perfect mix of character development and zombie action. The first half of this season, on the other hand, was more of a leisurely stroll through rural Georgia; stopping every once in a while to kick some dirt and pontificate about the world around us.  The second half of season two managed to kick it up a notch; providing with more interesting plot lines (with the exception of Herschel’s suicidal daughter and Lori’s transformation into a subservient woman, albeit very manipulative, that would make a Pentecostal preacher proud) as well as a bit more for us to chew on in the zombie department.  We were even subjected to saying farewell to some of the main players in this wary group of zombie dodgers.

It goes without saying that the saddest departure from the show was the group’s sage and mentor, Dale. I know I certainly wasn’t prepared for this moment, and was taken aback in a way that that seems unnatural for a fictional character. But dammit, I liked Dale, intrusive and overly-fatherly as he was sometimes. I even felt a pang of guilt after seeing Dale die for getting irritated with him as he preached on and on about sparing Randall’s life.  Readers of the comic, I’m sure, knew of Dale’s eventual fate, but I doubt few were expecting it this early in the story.

Shane’s death was less of a surprise as I had happened to come across his fate while reading some articles prior to the premier of season two. The unfortunate thing is that Shane was one of the few characters that made this season interesting to watch.  I can only hope that The Governor will pick up where Shane’s insanity left off in season three. From what little I know of this character, it could be quite interesting indeed.

It’s also important to note that we now know the infection does not require an actual bite, scratch, or contact of a zombie’s blood for someone to be resurrected. Somehow everyone has become infected. Does this mean it’s caused by some sort of airborne pathogen? Something in the food and/or water supply? We may never know. Perhaps we aren’t meant to know what caused it. Perhaps the writers will just get lazy and blame it on an alien spaceship unearthed in a backyard in rural Maine. Who knows?

Tonight’s episode was what a season finale should be: action, conflict, and best of all, foreshadowing.  The zombie-packed first half was what many fans have been clamoring for. The only inconsistency in my eyes was the group’s reaction to Shane’s death. Perhaps Rick telling the group in the same batshit-crazy manner in which Shane often spewed his twisted reasoning wasn’t the best way to win over the group. Either way, the group remains fractured if not broken completely.

I’m sure fans of the comic are wetting themselves with the appearance of Michonne. From what little I know, this katana-wielding character should become a fan-favorite on the screen as well she has on paper. As just announced, this character will be played by Danai Gurira.

Actress Danai Gurira to play Michonne in Season 3 on The Walking Dead

Ah yes, let us not forget the final scene with the prison in the background; providing us with our greatest moment of season three foreshadowing.  A scene which tempts us with what it and it’s overseer, the Governor, will throw at our ragtag group. Will the group finally break? Will David Morrissey and Danai Gurira live up to fans obviously high expectations?  Guess we will have to wait until the Fall to find out.

Overall, I was very pleased with tonight’s finale.  It was a very nice topper for a season that was initially quite lackluster. Whether intentionally set up to be slow at first then pick it up for the second half, or the writers listened to the fans and changed a few things, I don’t know.  However, I’m very, very happy to see The Walking Dead return to what originally made this show great: the perfect mixture of zombies, plot development, and dark undertone.

That’s all for now on The Walking Dead, my ThrowDown faithful. At least we will have Game of Thrones and True Blood to hold us over until next October.



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2 responses to “Walking Dead Season 2 Wrap-Up

  1. I have GOT to watch this show! My kid loves it and if I don’t take time to watch it with him he’s going to harass me to my grave.

    • You really should. Although the first half of this season was a bit slow, it finished well. Now’s your chance, Season 3 doesn’t start ’till October, and the series is only 18 episodes so far.

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