The ThrowDown In 2012


Winter always seems to bring a slow down to The ThrowDown. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an off-season, since articles are still our bread and butter, but let’s face it, people dig our videos. Our interview with actress Julia Benson and her low-cut top was the most viewed post of The ThrowDown in 2011. And I mean by a landslide.

And what happens around here at ThrowDown Central when our producer John Rantavius starts mailing new material to Big Angry and myself, we know it’s time to get back to a full schedule.
I couldn’t have been more excited to see Ranty had put together the first trailer for our 2012 video blog. The reason I’m really geeked out about the whole deal is this season, you’ll actually get to meet Big Angry. BA has assured me he’s ready to jump in front of the camera with me this year, proving he’s real and not just a product of my imagination.

2012 will also see the launch of The ThrowDown Podcast, and should be available on iTunes.
And of course, we’ll have articles. Penned in style only we can provide, we truly tell it like it is, critics be damned. Thanks for sticking by us, T Downers. As long as you keep visiting, we’ll keep entertaining.

Here’s the first video trailer for our 2012 antics, as promised.


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