It’s Time to Forgive Michael Vick


Let it go, America.  In a poll recently conducted by Nielson and E-Poll Market Research, Michael Vick once again was top billing as “America’s Most Hated Athlete”.  In 2007 Vick was the center of a dog fighting ring, in which the NFL quarterback plead guilty to felony charges.  He spent 21 months in prison, and two months home confinement for his actions.  His sentence not withstanding, Vick was dropped by all his endorsement deals,and cut loose from his then team, the Atlanta Falcons.  And he deserved every bit of it.

That was almost five years ago.  The sporting world has kept turning, and breeding a new generation of scumbags, steroid junkies and an occasional rapist.  Men like QB Ben Roethlisberger keep pushing the boundaries of the NFL’s conduct policy while stumbling from one alleged sexual assault charge to the next, or maybe drug addicts such as  Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Rafael Palmeiro.  Steroids? That’s fancy window dressing…they just use  junk of a different sort.  Hey anyone remember that Mike Tyson raped someone?  It’s alright though, you know, ’cause he was the champ, and he seemed so cuddly in The Hangover.

To truly appreciate the people who gave Michael Vick such an infamous title, let’s take a look at the sport folks that were right behind him:

  • Tiger Woods.  Sure, he’s an asshole.  But did he finish in the second spot because of his attitude or that he cheated on his wife?  It certainly shouldn’t be for infidelity.  Nobody seemed to take issue when the President of the United States did it.
  • Plaxico Burress.  Really.  Because he had a gun in his possession.  Wow.  Everyone seems to forget that Cowboys coach Barry Switzer and the NBA’s Scottie Pippen both were guilty of this infraction.  Plaxico was made an example of for political reasons by panty waste New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg  because the only people who should be allowed to carry guns are terrorists, gang thugs and people trying to kill border patrol agents.  Sorry, I’m with Plax.
  • Kris Humphries.  Alright, now this is just stupid.  Kim Kardashian’s hubby of a couple of months made this list, which pretty much shows what a bunch of social retards the Nielson folks found to take their bullshit poll.

Now, before one runs off and thinks that I’m about to play the “all about race” angle, it truly isn’t.  The proof you seek lies in one Orenthal James Simpson.  Now there’s a scumbag that truly deserves to top the list, just for the kidnapping and death threats alone.  That’s before one debates the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.  Yet, year after year, O.J. gets a pass for some unknown reason.  How about former NFL receiver Rae Carruth?  Anyone remember his name?  Nah, he just payed a hit man to execute his seven month pregnant girlfriend.  It’s not like he bet on a dog fight.

Michael Vick served his time, and has been a model citizen, while rebuilding his pro athlete career.  He has not returned to his old ways, as many before have done.  He has not displayed attitude, in any sort, demeaned anyone or plastered his face all over new products.  Michael Vick has worked extremely hard to rehabilitate his former ways.  If the world was going to agree that Vick shouldn’t get another chance for his crimes, then he should have immediately been put to death.  Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

I’m fairly sure the lunatics a P.E.T.A think it’s fairly reasonable.  After all, to them, animals are of a far higher value than any human life.  Especially someone like Michael Vick.

Let it go, America.



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4 responses to “It’s Time to Forgive Michael Vick

  1. jmt8251

    Thank you for writing this article, it is not about dogs, these are just hateful people that feel the should have what he has but I disagree it is races based how does Kobe continue to get on the list but Ben is off after one year? Please, Roger Clemens disappears but Bonds is talk about and still hated. Hockey players kill each other no one thinks about it. I will never understand these hypocrites who will walk over a homeless person with no feeling ignore priest and sickos who rape and molest kids, do you see in protest at Sandusky’s house? No Joe Pa gets a pass and knowingly allowed him to stay on campus. Just sick but 6 yrs and we still talking about dead dogs. but the shelters are full. A bunch of lying hypocrites who used dogs to promote hate and unforgiveness.

    • Plenty of good points in your comment. I still tend to blame the media for telling us who to accept, and who to exile rather than the race issue. You have an extremely excellent point with the Penn State scandal. Sandusky and Paterno did get a free pass, and it’s garbage that society continues to destroy Vick. I completely agree that the dog issue is being used as a banner to promote hate. Let’s just hope eventually people will give this poor guy a break.

  2. Penny Robinson

    it would be good if he left Philadelphia… let someone else have him. He is bad for the city… dog fighting has gotten worse in Phila since he has been on the Eagles.

    • I respectfully disagree, Penny. I really haven’t seen a statistic or fact to back up that claim. That would be like saying when Dennis Rodman came to our Chicago Bulls in the 90’s, there was a statistical rise in cross-dressing basketball players. Thanks for the opinion, though.

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