Mac (Intelligence) Versus, PC (Ignorance)


We have all heard this debate a million times and I have noticed recurring themes.

PC users just don’t understand why people want Mac’s.

It’s the user experience. This is the whole point of Macs. Being able to comfortably complete your task and move on with your life without relying on your IT department, having to be certified in every possible software, and ultimately screaming at the computer.

Mac’s are just for Graphics and Creative types?

This is one of many myths made by PC users. The interesting thing is many Mac users came from using PCs. You don’t hear of the opposite happening. Mac’s can do everything PC’s can and more. Since PC only users have no experience on Mac’s they have to make up baseless accusations.

Mac users don’t live in fear.

Mac’s don’t get viruses. Mac users don’t have to live in fear of every email and attachment like their PC counterparts. They also don’t have to live in a lock down prison like environment that most PC IT departments subject their users to be under. Any Mac virus to date has only occurred in a lab situation and the Mac had to be disabled in certain areas for the theoretical virus to work.

Why can’t a Mac do this or that? I can do this on a PC why can’t a Mac do that?

Do you drive a manual transmission the same way you drive an automatic transmission? No, the same goes for different operating systems. You can still do the same thing,  just in a different way. It seems like this should be obvious but I guess PC users need a little hand holding.

Mac’s are all about marketing and the users are sheep.

If marketing and being a sheep is having a functional computer with no headaches and being able to move on with life so be it. Really, does this PC accusation sound like a technical rebuttal or does it sound like someone who is just embarrassed that the PC they bought on sale isn’t living up to their expectations.

Mac’s are so expensive.

PC’s appear to be inexpensive because you start buying an off brand, has that ever worked with any product? Then have you ever heard of anyone running Windows with no third-party software, no, well tack that extra software on to the bill. Have you ever heard of anyone preferring the built-in Windows software to third-party software, no, tack that on to the bill also, and so on. Once you start adding up the cost of a PC you might find out it is more expensive than a Mac. Maybe PC users are the ones suckered by a marketing program.

Finally, what I like to call the Mac voodoo.

This is when the PC user refuses to switch to a Mac for any logical or factual reason. Then they complain about computers as if there are no other alternatives.

Android, you’re next.



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7 responses to “Mac (Intelligence) Versus, PC (Ignorance)

  1. My kid is going off to college next fall and he’s already asking for a Mac. I know very little about computers so I asked him why he wanted a Mac as opposed to a PC, and he basically said everything you’ve stated above. He’s pretty clever I guess.

    • John knows Apple, H.E. He’s a real point blank guy, but he’s never steered me wrong when it comes to tech purchases, or the stuff we do here. He insisted on doing all our video shoots with Apple products, and I’m only now starting to realize why.

  2. You’re such a warm and fuzzy guy, Rants. Love your first post for us. Thankfully, I don’t suspect we’ll be seeing you posting funny cat pics anytime soon.

  3. My crappy old laptop is dying day by day and I am a bit ashamed to say half the comments made above have been uttered by me!
    And I get a similar response from my Apple pals as this blog ..

    One thing I want to know though – I’m a heavy user of excel, word and outlook.

    Will a mac supply me with something similar (or better?)

    Appreciate the steer 🙂

  4. Nice article Rants! Can’t wait for the Android beat down. It’s a horrendously overrated OS for cellphones, not to mention an awful battery drain.

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