“America’s Got Talent” Officially Signs Howard Stern


"America's Got Talent" hires Howard Stern

As we reported before even many credible news sources(yes, they should be ashamed being beaten to the punch by three bloggers out of nowhere), and we’re doing it once again by reporting that Howard Stern has officially signed to be the next judge on “America’s Got Talent’.  Although the terms of the contract are still unknown, Stern will be travelling around the U.S. to judge the talent, since it was first reported that the shock jock would only join if the show stayed in New York.

Executive producer of the show Simon Cowell had tipped his hat several times to the addition, and was putting the full court press on NBC to sign Stern.  The network has always been suspect for signing lesser than quality celebrities in this format of television show, but this time, the fans of Stern and “America’s Got Talent” are both winners.

Commenting on his upcoming gig, “I love watching the show. I’ve been watching it from the beginning,” Stern told the New York Post’s Page Six on Thursday night. “I think I’d be better than the Hoff, but who knows?”  Although many comparisons are already being made between former show judge David Hasslehoff and Stern, it’s actually Piers Morgan that Stern will be replacing.

No one quite knows what to expect from Stern on the variety show, but I believe it’s safe to say he’ll be on his best behavior.  Of, course that doesn’t mean he won’t employ his same outlandish style that has made him popular for over two decades.

“Listen, I’m not insane, if I were on a network television show, I wouldn’t curse. I’ve been on ‘David Letterman.’ I don’t go on and curse like a raving lunatic. You broadcast for whatever is appropriate.”, Stern told the New York Post.

Time will tell if this is a wise move by one of the more popular shows of summer broadcasting, but one certainly has to believe it will most certainly infuse the show with the much-needed punch the reality program has needed for the past two seasons.



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2 responses to ““America’s Got Talent” Officially Signs Howard Stern

  1. Well they managed to suck me into a show I otherwise would have never watched. 1 success story I imagine there are many more…

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