Stern Possible Replacement on “America’s Got Talent”


Radio Giant Howard Stern

Let’s face it.  If you happen to be a snooty, uptight Brit gentlemen with no patience for an ignoramus juggling cats while whistling “The Girl From Ipanema” in a kiddie pool, maybe a crappy NBC reality show isn’t where you should draw a paycheck from.  Earlier this fall, celebrity judge Piers Morgan revealed he would not return for another season of “America’s Got Talent”, now that his talk show on CNN seems to be making headway. 
Enter self-proclaimed “king of all media” Howard Stern.  Apparently the Sirius radio talk show host that provokes a love him or hate him attitude is in serious consideration to be Morgan’s replacement on the variety/reality show.  So serious, that the show’s executive producer Simon Cowell, is pulling out all the stops to land the outspoken radio star.  There could be some hiccups to the deal, however.
Stern is apparently all for the job, but only to the tune of $20 million dollars, and he wants the entire show moved to New York so he can still run his day-to-day radio show on Sirius.  Apparently, however, this is a minor point to Cowell.
Cowell’s response to the contract hangup?  “I’m sure he does [want $20 million]. Who doesn’t? That’s not up to me. That’s up to [NBC]. I don’t write the checks, baby.”
The on-the-nose Cowell also made clear that moving the show wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities to land Stern, although it is also being suggested that Stern jet out to Los Angeles, where current show judges Howie Mandell and Sharon Osbourne are.  Either way, it’s getting closer to being a deal that gets inked.
“America’s Got Talent” is under serious pressure now, since last year’s ratings were abysmal, and much of the blame has fallen on the judges for passing such lack-luster acts.  Stern may be just what the show doctor ordered.  Let’s face it, Howie Mandell is disastrously unfunny, and is taking up one of the seats on the show because NBC was dumb enough to hire him for a long-term contract left over from “Deal or No Deal”.  His career in comedy has been deceased for quite some time, now.
Sharon Osbourne has quickly revealed she isn’t a judge of talent at all, and basically any gay male wearing bikini shorts and glitter can get a free pass to the top rounds.  If it wasn’t for the antics of her stammering husband, Osbourne would probably still be in England, living off of her father’s money.
All this would give one the impression I am a large Howard Stern supporter, and nothing could be further from the truth.  True there are times I find Stern still amusing, but on occasion, I wonder what’s kept him on air for the stretch.  Then again, I’m not a regular listener and those that do such as our own Big Angry, don’t believe he’s lost a step one bit.  This may be exactly why the show needs Howard Stern.
Regardless of opinion, one must agree Stern is a man that promotes a gut reaction from listeners, and frankly his direct,no hold barred style will probably set the show back on track.  If the recent offering of post Simon Cowell “American Idol”, has proven, three judges just sugar-coating lackluster talent makes for horrible television.  Ratings don’t lie.  Networks don’t care if a show is good, bad or artistic.  It’s a business, and one where ratings is king. 
My prediction here on The ThrowDown are almost usually a lock, but this one baffles even me as a prognosticator.  Cowell is such a headstrong businessman, that he more than likely will be able to lobby for Stern to be a permanent fixture.  Then again, final say goes to NBC.  These are the brilliant minds that threw Jay Leno out at 9 pm Central time every night when people weren’t ready to fall asleep quite so early.  No, the peacock network will probably up the judge ante with someone “really hip” like Russell Brand.  That way, the stupidity of the acts will blend nicely with the dumbassedness of Mr. Katy Perry.


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5 responses to “Stern Possible Replacement on “America’s Got Talent”

  1. I’ve never watched an episode. But if Stern goes I would never miss an episode. HOWARD!

  2. This is a perfect job for Howard Stern.

  3. There are so few family friendly shows on TV – I love AGT and never miss a show. However – I disagree that Howard Stern is a good choice for this program. If he is the new judge our family will no longer watch the show.

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