Alec Baldwin, STFU


Congratulations, Alec Baldwin.  You’re now only the second celebrity (the first being Madonna) to get a prestigious STFU post from The ThrowDown.  Now, while I’ve always pretty much determined Madonna was just an attention-grabbing slimeball, I’d thought that maybe, just maybe you’d have a shred of decency to shape your bullshit act up after all your epic missteps.  Wow, was I wrong.

As a father, I’d thought you’d have the sense to close your pie hole after millions heard the toxic tirade that you decided to unleash on your own daughter, and no I don’t care what she did to deserve it.  No child should ever have to suffer a verbal onslaught such as that from their father.  Now, personally, that solidified you as a top shelf asshole to me, and I would have been fine with you never being heard from again because of it.

Ah, but that’s never where jerks like you are satisfied, are you Allie?  So, lemme get this straight, after boarding an American Airlines flight with all the common rabble, you decide that a rousing game of Words with Friends should trump the pretty well-known safety procedures on an aircraft.  Then, after being warned several times by the flight staff, you slammed the lavatory door loud enough for the Captain to hear, and decided to lock yourself in to keep playing?  Apparently, this little act of defiance forced the plane to return to the gate and of course, screwed up all the lower class folk riding with you.

Ah, but the fun never stops with you, Allie.  You decided to have a little tirade via Twitter, and let me see if I’ve got this straight, saying of employees of American Airlines,”where Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950’s find jobs as flight attendants.”  Wow.

So, not only did you piss off an entire plane full of people, you decided to also offend teachers and Catholics in the process.  Funny, because I’m starting to think NBC is where actors such as yourself go to act like spoiled little assholes that have become disconnected with people who actually work for a living.  Honestly, you’re about one drink and a rant away from becoming Mel Gibson, without all the successful Mad Max and Lethal Weapon movies.

I’ll make it real simple for you.  This kind of boorish behavior may have flown back in the day, but times are much harder now.  Plenty of good people are out of work, life savings are gone and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get further away daily.  Us plebs have to produce daily results to feed our families, including the staff that was on that plane.  They don’t get paid nearly enough to bow down to a jackass such as yourself, King Alec.  Go kiss someone at Rock Centers ass if you truly desire that treatment.

If it were up to me, and thank whatever Anti-Christ you worship that it isn’t, I’d have that nice,  juicy celebrity “get out of jail free card” torn up right in front of you.  Time to grow up, get a real job and find out what hard work truly is.  I know a great drywalling company that is looking for an extra hand, contact me and we can get your resume over to him.  I’d hurry though, Miley Cyrus may beat you to the position.

As a man that’s worked very hard for many years, I would like to do the noble thing and apologize to American Airline employees, Catholics and teachers everywhere for Mr. Baldwin.  Don’t worry, he’s about one more tirade from having George W. Bush tell jokes about him.  Here’s hoping legislation will soon pass allowing flight attendants to taser jerks like this man in the face.

As for you, Baldwin, STFU.  I issue you a general challenge to debate me.  Anytime, anyplace.  I will absolutely eat your lunch, and feed the rest to Tina Fey. I’m not a teenager or someone that’s paid to put up with your crap, so expect a real ThrowDown.  And by the way, here’s a word for your next round of Words with Friends(you have them?)…TROGLODYTE.

*Update*  We attempted to issue this post to Mr. Baldwin via Twitter, but he has now deactivated his account.


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