The ThrowDown Celebrates Post #100


...and here's to the next 100.

Hard to believe we’ve hit the century mark here at The ThrowDown.  It has been a serious amount of effort and hardship, but in the end, I believe I speak for all of us here in saying it’s well worth the time.  Believe me, it’s a great source of pride when we actually post something before major internet publications do.  Not all the time, but just remember, we don’t get paid. Our fan base has been anything what I thought, we seem to do well with all walks of life, spanning various age groups.  Our posts regarding new tech and video games generate just as much as a post that plays to a more middle-aged crowd.

We have handfuls of regulars, some of which you can find on the “Friends of the ThrowDown” sidebar.  We promote them because they are great blogs to read, not just some ass-kissing for comments or to serve our own interests.  If you’re on that list, which is extremely short, then believe me, you’ve earned a spot from three extremely tough critics.  You may see them pop up in the comments from time to time, and we enjoy the interaction.  Yet, make no mistake, you will never see any of us panhandle for comments, and if you’d like to drop a obligatory “nice blog” to get a link, we’d rather you just refrain and enjoy our articles.  We’re not aiming to be abrasive, we just pour every ounce of effort into our posts.

I blame it on my Xanga days, when I saw many bloggers doing stupid shit like ending their posts with a question, just to invoke comments.  If you are guilty of this, you are a loser.  Please go do something constructive, like trolling YouTube comments.  Blogs are about YOUR content, not being a “celebrity blogger”, whatever the Hell that is.  Here, we work our asses off to give you decent entertainment, without having to pay for it.  That’s it.

I would be in error if I also didn’t mention, the only thing I can thank WordPress for is hosting the page.  I don’t especially agree with the tagging system (let’s face it, digging seven pages in for something to laugh at shouldn’t be headlined “Humor”)and they’ve always done the bare minimum to help us.  Don’t fret, though, if you’re a regular TD reader.  We have a “shadow government style” page, all ready to go as a contingency plan, you know, just in case WordPress decides to go to an entirely Mommy blog format. Or popcorn ball recipes.  Or 88 paragraphs on what the house cat is doing this very second.

The people we really do owe the most to is our family and friends that inspire us, and of course, you the dear T Down reader.  We honestly hope that we give you a free laugh or a “I can’t believe they said that” moment.  When someone finds out that I created a blog over two years ago that I know personally, they usually shoot a funny glance and quip something like “ohhhh, do you talk about your thoughts and feelings on there?”  Not quite.  No, here, as you well know if you’re a regular, we push our personal lives back in the shadows.  That way, we have more time to call filmmaker James Cameron an asshole, or tell you the only way NASA can sustain itself is to paint the external fuel tank like a Bud Light bottle.  Admit it, that’s what you’re here for…the free yucks.

We promise to try our best to entertain you, our best to voice opinions that some may not be able to say, our best to be a blog you can admit you read and not be laughed at because of it.  As a look back, I’m putting up the very first ThrowDown post, following this one.  Apparently, 200 words was a large deal for me back then.  Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

From all of us at The ThrowDown, we sincerely thank you for inviting us on to your desktops, laptops, phones and tablets.  Except the internet trolls and nerd ragers.  You guys can seriously go fuck yourselves rotten.  :p

JB Maddawg(Jake Bloomquist), Big Angry(Jay Richards), and Johnny Rantavius(J.R.)



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2 responses to “The ThrowDown Celebrates Post #100

  1. You three are the best. What I like most about your blog is that it is entirely free of pandering to the blog masses. You write what you want and if people like it then great, and if not they’re free to move along. It’s why I always come back. I’ve done a bit of “fuck ya’ if you can’t take a joke” writing on my own blog as well. Again, you three ROCK!

    • Thanks, H.E. for the vote of confidence. You’re certainly at the top of the list when I mentioned that a blog such as yours has a place at the sidebar for a reason. Your work speaks for itself. We unfortunately don’t have as much time as we’d like to read all the great blogs, but I can say in all honesty, it’s great to see when someone has clicked over to one of the awesome blogs/services we support. And I swear I’m gonna buy and read your book one of these days! Thanks again.

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