Nascar’s Tony Stewart Would “Wreck His Own Mother” to Win the Championship.

Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards racing for all the marbles this weekend.(NASCAR/Getty Images)


It’s been duly noted here at The Throwdown, I’m a car guy.  I was around auto racing since a very young age, back when racing was thought of as “just for hillbillies”.  I always laugh at that statement, because it usually comes from some pretentious ass that will be the first one to stand up and say chasing a little white ball around the grass for a whole day is a “sport”.  Or, worse yet, willing to strap a hunk of foam rubber faux cheese on their head at a Green Bay Packer game. Face facts,  Nascar is popular no matter what some jerk that would rather have a political or geographical discussion would say. 

This brings me to this weekend’s final Nascar race in Homestead, Florida.  To set the stage, it’s about to be one of the closest finishes for the championship in quite some time.  A mere three points separates leader Carl Edwards from two-time former champion Tony Stewart. 

Both are men know for viewing Nascar as a contact sport, and have been penalized accordingly.  The way most fans have viewed the contest, Stewart has wrongly been put in second because of the Nascar’s screwy point system, as he’s won four races recently to Edward’s none.  The weighted point system was changed only a short time ago to favor drivers that actually won more races, rather than just finish consistently.  Thankfully, this is of little consequence to Stewart.

At a press conference on Thursday, Stewart and Edwards were jointly being asked questions, and a reporter was able to have Stewart tell his true feelings.

“I’d wreck my mom to win a championship,” Stewart said. “I respect him as a driver, but this isn’t about friendships this weekend. This is a war. This is a battle. This is for a national championship. It’s no holds barred this weekend. I didn’t come this far to be one step away from it and let it slip away, so we’re going to go for it.”, courtesy of AP.

That didn’t end it for Stewart, though.  Not only would Stewart wreck his mom, he later mentioned that he would even wreck the reporter’s mom.  This of course, drew the ire of many “fans” that don’t understand the sport, don’t watch the sport or worse than both, were huge Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans and are pretty much the biggest hypocrites in auto racing.

Make no mistake, this is the Superbowl of Nascar.  If there is ever a case to pull out all the stops in a season, this would be it.  It honestly, would be like telling Brian Urlacher not to hit so hard in a football game.  Disagree?  Frankly, you just haven’t watched racing long enough.  Or, you’ve been spoiled by some Formula One race, where “the best drivers in the world” supposedly are, drive around in 30 million dollar open-wheel racing cars that can almost drive themselves.  Sure.  That’s why every time an F1 driver attempts to get in a Nascar, they fail.  Miserably.  Nascar is circle track based, not road course heavy. 

 The two are just different styles, and it really takes a true racing fan to appreciate both.  Again, I’ve got plenty of foreign race fans that don’t get Nascar, until I let them know that Americans simply will not pay to watch two corners of a race, when they can see the entire track. 

To simply shrug off this weekend as another race is quite simply a mistake.  Sunday two of racing’s biggest heavyweights have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Fans that criticize the likes of a Stewart, Edwards or even loose cannon Kyle Busch need to understand, this is the root of the sport.  Need proof?  This is how problems used to get solved in Nascar:

The famed Allison/Yarborough Daytona 500 fight in 1979

Again, if you disagree, that’s just fine.  Have fun watching John Daly freak out and hit six golf balls into the water or line up a shot for a half an hour.  I’ll take my sports with gusto and a side order of get the Hell out of the way.  The final race takes place on Sunday, November 20th at 3 pm on ESPN.

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