Get Up, Get Up, We’re Down With the Sickness


Dual Friday posting for all you loyal T-Downers today, as we’ve been silent for one week.  That’s right my little monkies, we’ve been down with the sickness, all except for Johnny Rantavius, who’s just been overworked.  Immediately following last week’s Walking Dead episode, Big Angry texted he was ill and didn’t have the strength to watch the special preview of the show that was broadcast on the debut of AMC’s Hell on Wheels, which is a really shitty period piece t.v. show about trains.  Old trains.  More than that, the clip was about 15 seconds long, and wasn’t that great.

Anyway, that was pretty much the last I’d heard from Angry until Thursday.  I’d feared he’d actually contracted the T Virus and was already infecting folks, building himself a zombie army.  Gotta admit, when he contacted me on Thursday that he’d been working on a new post, I was expecting the zombified Angry to have tapped out an article titled, “Uuuuggggh….”

Luckily, he’s fine.  Although I think he gave me his cold via text.  Anyway, we’re on the mend, and back for more.  Be sure to check out my new post, immediately following this one, as well. Then next week, Big Angry will return to action and he’s cooking  up a great read for you.  See you in the funny papers.   -JB


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