Ashton Kutcher is With Stupid. Even When He’s Alone.

Kutcher's apology pic for the Penn State remark.


The sex abuse scandal that has rocked Penn State University has been a huge topic of discussion over the past week, which culminated in the firing of long time football coach Joe Paterno and even the President of Penn State.  It’s a very troubling story, that will be in the public eye for some time, and a slew of law suits and career beheadings are sure to follow.

But that’s not what I’m here to discuss with you, dear readers.  It’s the fact that Mr. Demi Moore, a.k.a. Ashton Kutcher, has let his former male model brain take over and tweet like the true imbecile he is, once again.  Now, it wasn’t enough for one of the most followed tweeters to publicly hammer a bunch of roofers that “woke him up” a couple of years ago, which gave Kutcher a public black eye. Now, he’s really stepped in the proverbial “it”. 

As the Penn State story unfolded, Kutcher not knowing the full details of sexual abuse, tweeted  “How do you fire Jo Pa? as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste,” and the tags #insult and #noclass.

To Kutcher’s defense, he did delete the tweet and apologized for not knowing the full story, even going as far to posting a picture of himself holding a sign next to his head reading “I’m with stupid”.  Yet, really, this should be a lesson to many high profile celebrities that their messages should be considered before hitting the send button.  Chiming in on every topic is a profoundly stupid idea, and if celebs haven’t figured it out yet, can cost them.

People more than ever are very set in their beliefs, and when someone famous makes remarks that don’t sit well, the public has a tendency to show their displeasure in ratings, box office returns, etc.  It’s simply not a good occupational move.  Take Tom Cruise for example.  After a slew of crazy episodes, yes I’m referencing Oprah’s couch among other moments, Cruise is still combating being known as “off kilter”.  The mentality that there is no such thing as bad press no longer applies.  People are being judged by words and actions, even the famous folk.

Kutcher has since decided to employ a PR team to vet his tweets in the future, which have many dumb internet commenters lambasting him.  Now, it seems many believe Kutcher’s tweets won’t be spontaneous and original, but more antiseptic.  Obviously, people having that mentality don’t have A)the sense that this will affect Kutcher, and his career may suffer for it and B)a brain.  Sorry, free speakers, AplusK has a career to think about.  He’s the poster child for dumb tweets at this point.  Damage control has to move to the forefront of his career, or it’s off to learn how to hang drywall or maybe mail delivery. 

This Penn State issue is way too sensitive, and hopefully, more than a few folks will learn that as our friendly neighborhood Spiderman once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  Then again, that was coming from a guy in red and blue spandex and humiliated the love of his life at a jazz bar.

I’m JB saying #you’vejustbeenThrowndown.


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