Leeroy Jenkins, Where Are You When We Need You the Most?

Ah, the now Infamous Leeroy Jenkins


If you don’t know who Leeroy Jenkins is, don’t fret, neither did I until a couple of weeks ago.  One of my Throwdown partners and long-time friend, Big Angry, was texting me and suddenly the name came up.  He dropped a World of Warcraft reference on me, and the infamous Leeroy Jenkins handle.

“Who the Hell is Leeroy Jenkins?” I wondered, as the quick thinking Angry was already pointing me in the direction to the now video game folk hero.  When I saw the footage, I was pretty bored.  Just looked like basic online gaming stuff.  Bunch of guys, sitting around and plotting how about to win a particular mission.

Then, out of nowhere.  Leeroy.  You see, the Leeroy Jenkins character in the game was actually being controlled by a young man by the name of Ben Schulz, and what happened next seems to be mired in speculation.  Mr. Schulz had either had enough of the eternal planning of the mission, came in late on the pre-game strategy or just plain didn’t give a shit. Either way, the next few moments would shape into video game legend.

With an “alright chumps, let’s do this”, and charging headlong into the fight, Ben Shultz yelled into his gaming headset, “Leeeeeroy Jenkinssssss”…and proceeded to get every member on his team wasted.  Upon watching the video, I almost lost consciousness from laughing so hard.  Just how popular did Mr. Shultz become for this little stunt, you ask?  I’ll let the game show Jeopardy! explain it:

Kids, lemme tell you.  When you become a Jeopardy! answer, you’ve done something.  I’m not exactly sure what the commentary should be that a man playing an online game becomes pop-culture famous simply because he bum rushed a bunch of bad guys, and shouted into a microphone.  Maybe, it’s because we’d all like to be more like that in real life.  Less planning, more ass kicking.  It’s kind of like how the esteemed Ex Mrs. Bloomquist and I used to paint.  I wanted to rip open the can, grab the pan and roll. She wanted to plan, pick out the perfect dropcloth, prime the wall (even though it was already white), and then maybe start painting.  If the lighting in the room was correct for that time of day.  That’s not a joke.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s actually quite a bit I overdo in the planning stage.  Lots of the articles and videos you see here on The Throwdown are gone over and over.  I think we all have those areas of life we’d really just rather roll the dice and make something happen.  Right or wrong, sometimes in this world, you just have to throw your hat over the wall, and force yourself to go after it.

It’s settled.  Starting tomorrow, I’m running out of my place and pulling a Leeroy Jenkins.  Actually, you know, I live right next to a pretty busy highway.  Come to think of it didn’t Napoleon kinda make like Leeroy in Russia awhile back?  On second thought, I think I’ll just sit back, have a cuppa and watch all the other assholes of the world off themselves like a moronic sacrifice to Darwin.  In the meantime, here’s the vid of Leeroy doing his thing.  Enjoy,T Downers….



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7 responses to “Leeroy Jenkins, Where Are You When We Need You the Most?

  1. One of the things my kid “Junior” got in trouble for was sneaking into a classroom that had a substitute teacher. After he sat still for about ten minutes he stood up, yelled, “Lerooooooy Jenkinssss” and bolted out of the room.

    Good thing for him his Vice Principal is a gamer because she only gave him one day of detention.

  2. Hahahaha. I’m not really a huge “gamer” but I have played a few games online (specifically Socom US Navy Seals). Every single time I watch this clip I die laughing. Just pure comedy. I choose to believe he just got sick of all the planning…. Abdul doing the math is the best. “32.33, repeating of course…” Thanks for posting. This made my day!


    • I know, I can’t believe there’s a guy actually crunching numbers. Glad you enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe I actually posted about it, but hey, slow news days, this is what you get.

  3. No way slow news day. Had me dying laughing… I could use a recap of the 2nd episode of Walking Dead though!

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