Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 Musings


Wow, it’s a rarity when I wish for Sunday night to arrive. However, for months I’ve waited for this moment. A time that my friends and I have spoken about with much anticipation: Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Yes, I know, I’ve already sang the praises of this show a few days ago, so I’ll cut to the chase and give my thoughts on the first episode of the new season.

Season 2 begins where season 1 left off as our group begins their exodus out of Atlanta. Within the first 20 minutes, we are treated to a tense scene where our crew encounters a “pack” of zombies while stranded on the highway. I have to be honest, I found myself sitting still, muscles tense as I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I needed that commercial break to give my clenched jaw a break.

The best thing, other than the amazing first 20 minutes, is that we are seeing a new depth to all of the characters. The zombies are great, and Walking Dead offers some of the best, but the other driving force is the realism of the characters. We are beginning to see their breaking points, weaknesses, strengths, and of course what we hope is Dale’s ever-present wisdom. Is the group about to disintegrate or will the rising tension draw them closer? Only time will tell.

Again, I have no clue as to how this compares to the graphic novel. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m enjoying this series thoroughly. It’s nice not knowing what’s going happen or, for that matter, have a preconceived notion as to how the story should evolve. It’s good, that’s all I know, that’s all I care about. Let’s just say I have a feeling we are in for one hell of a 13 week thrill ride.

That, my friend, is the season two, episode one lowdown of The Walking Dead on The Throwdown.



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8 responses to “Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 Musings

  1. This honestly in my opinion is where the rubber meets the road in this show. The Season one introductions are over, we can now feel free to get to know the people that are trying to survive and find out about this new world.

  2. Loving the site. Thanks for the Return. Walking Dead baby!

  3. Ok, now I HAVE to watch this.

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