How to Piss Off Your Fan Base and the Press in One Easy Step

Ah, the infamous "No Photo Zone".


So, let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve come to one of the various fan/comic book/sports and entertainment meet and greets chok full of celebrities for you to see up close.  You’ve slapped down a nominal $20-30 bucks just to get in, excluding parking and maybe lunch or dinner at the event.  Waiting in lines patiently and methodically, you’ve made your way to your favorite famous person.  That celebrity is probably charging a minimum of ten bucks for an autograph, twenty if you want to have your pic taken with that person.  And of course, there are  pics for a cost, if you’d like a glossy photo with an autograph.  That’s all fine and nice.  Nobody ever said going to one of these shows was cheap.

Most celebrities (and fans), know this is the deal, and both parties for the most part, agree on how it all works.  All was perfect and just in the world.  Until, some dope came up with the idea of the “No Photo Zone”.  It is exactly as it sounds.  Please DO NOT:

  • from the autograph line, pull out your camera, cell phone or any other form of photography
  • slowly walk in the vicinity of the celebrity, and do a “walk-by” photo shot.
  • try to produce any type of “zoom” lens to photograph the celebrity from a distance, well beyond the No Photo Zone.

If you do not comply with any of these rules, you will be sent to comic show jail, and then be tried in a court of law, where someone such as Tom Cruise will yell at you, “I Want The Truth!”.  Well, not really, but trust, me you’ll be greatly insulted.  That is the true shame, to me.

That we’ve fallen on extremely trying economic times, and someone that’s made very good money doing exactly what they love to do, now has the audacity to begrudge someone  taking a picture.  Not getting an autograph.  Not posing with the celebrity.  Not interrupting the autograph line in any way, shape or form.  Just getting a candid shot, because the fan probably doesn’t have the funds to do the other stuff.  Because they scraped enough money to come to a show, and see someone they’ve always wanted to see, and have nothing else left to pay.  I find that disgraceful.

We’re fortunate, here at The Throwdown.  We get a press pass, stroll in free, walk by all the long lines, and roll ’em.  But, not when it comes to the No Photo Zone.  We get equally insulted, just like normal folk off straight off the street.  You see, reader, they have blockers at the signs.  Usually some, pimply faced seventeen year old that thinks he’s hot shit because he gets to wear an official tee-shirt.  Just like the one in front of Bruce Campbell’s No Photo Zone.

Just like the one that I called a piece of shit, and told numerous times to get out of my shot.  He puffed his little chest out at fans and press, alike.  That’s when Rantavius and I decided to take a picture of the No Photo Zone sign.  We decided not to post the one of me in the Zone, expressing my displeasure in sign language.  That was the photo that drew the laughs from fans nearby.  The ones that also felt insulted, because they just wanted to take someone’s picture.

I was angry, and lost my cool.  I bitched at Ranty for the better part of twenty minutes, and as Rantavius usually does, calmed me down by reminding me of all the great celebrities that we’d interviewed.  Gena Lee Nolin waving off her agent, because she wanted to do an interview, Erin Grey, who barely had time for coffee when we stuck a microphone at her, and Ted DiBiase, who saw the glimmer in my eyes because I watched wrestling as a kid, and treated us like kings.  Julia Benson was so classy, that she wouldn’t start the interview before introductions were made.

Even the celebrities we never interacted with were having long conversations with their fans.  It was great to see, and I really do believe it’s worth the price of admission to go to a show like this, and chat with famous people, who really are, just like you and me.

As for the No Photo Zone thugs…well, we here at The Throwdown believe in giving people what they want.  If photo zone clowns want to play big shot, we’ve decided we’re gonna make that happen.  Next time, we’re gonna interview YOU.  Because personally, I want to find out what kind of asshole tells a family that obviously doesn’t have a lot of money, they can’t take a simple picture from ten feet away.

You’re on warning, “official” tee shirts.  The Throwdown is coming.  And we’re gonna make you famous.


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