Meet Donovan McNabb. His Career As An NFL Starting QB, Is Over.

Donovan McNabb, useless NFL Quarterback


One really has to hand it to Minnesota Vikings head coach, Leslie Frazier.  Most of the time when a team in the NFL starts the season at 0-4, the coach running the show starts to get a bit jumpy.  Not Leslie Frazier.  Coach Frazier said on Monday that the Vikes will still be banking on the broke down and busted, Donovan McNabb.  Oh, c’mon, you remember Donovan McNabb.  Second pick overall in the NFL draft, played for the Philadelphia Eagles for a stretch, couldn’t seal the deal on the Superbowl.   Usually hurt and making a bazillion dollars a year.  That Donovan McNabb.

The same Donovan McNabb that has been heralded by some of the dumbest sports writers our country has to offer, the same Donovan McNabb that has really hasn’t achieved anything in his NFL career that hasn’t been done by plenty of other current quarterbacks.  The same Donovan McNabb that has now conned the Minnesota Vikings into believing he still, after years of failure, will bring the gold and purple to the promised land.  All for the low, low price of $6.3 million a year.  And Leslie Frazier seems to have fallen madly in love with him.

This is what happens when you let a former defensive back turned head coach choose a QB.  After all the bitching, whining and overall belly aching the Vikes fans did about how much they hated Brett Farve, I still seem to run into plenty of material claiming McNabb at least “isn’t as bad as Farve.” I really don’t care what anyone thinks about Farve.  The guy has a Superbowl ring, and will be a first round shoe in for the NFL Hall of Fame.  Whatever he is as a person is completely irrelevant.  There is no comparison between the two quarterbacks.

Let’s all get back to what really goes on in the NFL.  Leslie Frazier was a coordinator in Philly back when McNabb was their man.  He’s what Frazier is familiar with, and doesn’t want to make a bold decision.  Bill Parcels was also a coach that wanted guys he used to command on his team, only he refused to include the ones that were dead weight from coming with him.

It all boils down to this, this season is OVER for the Minnesota Vikings.  I know that’s tough to hear for all the fine folks up in Ulen, MN, but it’s true.  I’m tired of hearing football fans saying “hey, you betcha, McNabb’s gonna turn things around.  No matter how many times he goes oofdah”.  And yes, they actually do talk that way “up dere”.  No, Minnesota, you’re better off watching college ball this season.

Why am I being so hard on McNabb, you ask?  Because he sucks, plain and simple.  The guy should have been holding a clipboard for over a decade by now.  He’s a number two QB, at best.  It took Michael Vick to come back into the league and show Philadelphia what McNabb was supposed to play like.  I’ve heard for years how “McNabb makes plays with his feet”.  It’s really his only choice, because he obviously can’t make them with his brain or eyesight.

All in all, I guess someone had to fill the void of last place in the Central Division left by the Detroit Lions, might as well be Minnesota.  A couple of years ago I was writing that Farve would leave the Jets for the Vikes long before most folks, which I was bashed for relentlessly, until of course, it came true.  Well, this time I’m dropping a double on you, Minnesota.  Not only will this be the last starting  QB job Donovan McNabb has in the NFL, but it will also end the Leslie Frazier reign.  In fact, it may not even take to the end of the season.

Look, here’s the deal.  I’m sure Donovan McNabb is a great guy.  I wish him the best of luck in whatever he chooses to do, and hopefully he’ll even return to Chicago and start a new career after football.  But let’s face it, football teams are expected to win, and if McNabb remains the starter on the Vikings this year, the head coach is the one that will ultimately, pay the price.  Ah,well.  It won’t be the first time in the sporting world we’ve heard, “down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!”.



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2 responses to “Meet Donovan McNabb. His Career As An NFL Starting QB, Is Over.

  1. Sad, but true.

    Donovan will forever go down as one of the more under-appreciated QBs in NFL history. Even in his prime he was hated on. What disappoints me is that he seems like he didn’t stand up for himself when the Shanahans ruined his good name and lost his fire in the process.

    • That’s a great comment, and one I’m glad you brought up. Although I disagree and really have seen nothing out of McNabb that makes me believe he’s any better than all the other scramble QB’s, I get where you’re going with the Shanahan remarks. I think it’s detrimental to your on field general when accused of not being able to play a particular style of offense. That type of negativity shouldn’t come from a head coach, and I too, think it chewed at McNabb.

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