The Throwdown Video Season Finale, with Gena Lee Nolin

Gena Lee Nolin

Mind's Eye

Chris Burnham


So, without as little much as a scheduled interview, I stick a microphone at Gena Lee Nolin and hope she’ll be responsive.  But before things get rolling, who I’m assuming is Gena’s manager stops things and asks, “did you talk to (insert celebrity go-between’s name here) about this?”

“Uh, sure.”  I wasn’t lying.  I had talked to the person she mentioned…about seven hours before and Gena’s name definitely was not brought up.

“Well, I don’t believe we’re doing this sort of thing this year”, the gal to Gena’s left said.  Waving her off, Gena, in a move I highly respected, told her, “no, it’s fine.  I’ll do an interview.”  She smiled at Ranty and me, and everthing was grand.  Gena was the last celebrity interview of the day, and thankfully, ended us on a high note.  As it turns out, Gena is also a big voice for battling thyroid disease, and has written a book on the subject.  For all things concerning the lovely Gena Lee, visit her website,  I  would like to thank her for being so gracious with us, and wish her fortune in her career, and more importantly, her health.

Also in our finale is a company I wish we had discovered earlier.  Mind’s Eye was an awesome setup that could film someone and then layer on the special effects, all right there at the Con.  Had I passed them earlier,  would ave asked them to do a shoot of me setting Ranty on fire, but he refuses to go in front of the camera, so it just saved an argument.  Anyway if any of you happens to run across these fine folks, they’ll hook you up with some really cool footage.  Believe me, their work is worth a look.  I’m putting a permanent link here on the sidebar of The Throwdown, and as anyone will say of me, I don’t randomly support companies.  They have to offer a decent product or service.  Mind’s Eye, without a doubt, fits that bill for me.  The link you really need to check is,  I certainly want to thank Nick for fitting us in while he worked for the folks in attendance, his hospitality was greatly appreciated.

Of the three interviews, the one you’ll see first on the show is actually the extremely talented and our fellow Chicagoan, Chris Burham.  We really wanted to show our readers and viewers what things are like if you happen to be considering any kind of career in comics.  Chris is just the man we needed to talk to, and he gave us the inside dish on what it’s like to draw Batman for a living.  Not only doing the art for Batman Incorporated, he also has many other items padding his resume, such as Officer Downe.  Check out what a true look inside the comic game is in our interview with Chris, and please check out his work at  And of course, Chris, thanks a bunch for letting us intrude on your time without an appointment, and remember, take a break, once in a while, man!

Of course, we’ll still be doing all our regular posting here at The Throwdown, because the written word is what trips our triggers, but from Johnny Rantavius, Big Angry and myself, we’d all like to thank everyone that participated on The Throwdown video blog this season.  We’re already planning our next round of stuff, so stay tuned, and keep reading The Throwdown.



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2 responses to “The Throwdown Video Season Finale, with Gena Lee Nolin

  1. Thanks yourself. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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