The Costumes of Wizard World’s 2011 Comic Con


People have been drawn, over time, to dressing in costume.  Halloween, Mardi Gras, Hannah Montana.  When Johnny Rantavius and I went to Wizard World’s comic con in Chicago, we specifically set out to grab some interviews with not only the celebrities that attend, but also the every man, you know, the ones that dress up like the Silver Surfer or Fish from Barney Miller.  Kidding, just seeing if you were still with me.  

Honestly, though, when we first walked in to the arena, I was definitely overwhelmed.  I’d never seen so much form-fitting elastane and sparkles in one venue.  It was like being in Manhattan’s East Village, minus David Lee Roth trying to climb a building after scoring some weed.  Some of the costumes were surprisingly very well done, and you could tell that there was  a significant amount of time invested in the build.  Some, not so much.  

Take the sea of Joker costumes from the Batman brand.  There we guys dressed as old school Caesar Romero Joker, all the way up to Heath Ledger Joker.  Unfortunately, most of the Ledger Joker costumes looked more like a seven-year old that had just raided his mother’s cosmetics drawer.

After quite a chunk of the day had passed, Ranty decided we needed to step on it if we were going to get some of the costume folk on cam.  He was tired, and just started asking me at random over anyone that even slightly looked like they were in attire.  

“No, Rants”, I said, palming my face, “I’m not interviewing the guy with a thong and the Lone Ranger mask”.  If we were going to do this, I was gonna find some people who actually put some stink in their outfits.  I wanted to interview the guy that dressed like Optimus Prime and apparently scavenged his Buick Regal for a breastplate.  I wanted any one of the 17 Slave Princess Leia girls.  I wanted to chat with the guy wrapped in orange carpeting insulation that looked almost exactly like the Thing.  That’s when we hit pay dirt.  From there all the way to the Stormtrooper that completely threw me off my game, we got some good stuff.  

Thanks to all the good peeps we talked to, even the ones that didn’t make the video cut.  You were all great sports, and it was great to have you on our show.  Until next time, as always, your ass just got Throwndown. 


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