Christine Elise, Hollywood Veteran on The Throwdown


If you were to ask me, and you should ’cause I’m your Uncle Maddawg, I’ll tell you every time I have more respect for a mature Hollywood actress than a younger A List diva that make a couple of blockbuster films, and then are never heard from again.  I’m of the opinion that like any profession, a skill is honed after time and experience, but apparently the entertainment industry doesn’t agree.  No, there,  most veteran actresses are pushed off the stage in favor of some flavor of the month newbie actress, that has far less experience in acting.  And usually it shows up on the screen.

Christine Elise is one of those Hollywood vets that has been in-game for a bit, and has had reoccurring roles on E.R., China Beach and most notably, Beverly Hills 90210.  Although she’s recently been in the Disney film, Prom, Christine’s passion now is showing off her project, an indie film based on her own experience.

Bathing and the Single Girl is a comedy about Christine finally throwing her hat over the wall, and gives the cougar thing a try.  Her stuff is pretty original, and I highly recommend you check it out.  She’s multi-talented and along with acting, is now directing and has many irons in the fire as a photographer.

If you’d like to find out more info on Christine, you can check out, or her own site,, and of course check our video interview before you scoot.

Here’s wishing a world of success to you, Christine.  And next time we cross paths, I’m bringing a bathtub along!  😉



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4 responses to “Christine Elise, Hollywood Veteran on The Throwdown

  1. Hey, you’re right. I see her everywhere and always remember her. She seems super sweet.

  2. Ha! Thanks for a very nice article & for not calling me an aging actress!!/celisemccarthy

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