The Versatile Blogger Award

Listen up, T Downers, we, your humble servants here at, The Throwdown, have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger award.  I’d love to say all the hard work you see here and read is my doing, but of course, that’s not true.  Johnny Rantavius is our behind the scenes guy, and though you may not see or read stuff from him, trust me, his presence is all over this place.  Big Angry, my fellow poster, is the new guy, here, and has serious blogging chops for a guy with only a few posts under his belt.  They are both great to work with, and more than that, are even better friends.

But, to accept this award, there are rules we have to follow, and if you are nominated, you’ve got to follow them as well.  They are as follows:

  • Thank and link to the person that nominated you
  • Share seven random facts about yourself
  • Pass this award on to 15 new blogging friends
  • Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers

So, first we’d all like to thank the one that nominated us,


H.E. has a blog that is truly a representation of versatile blogging, and I’m convinced she can write about almost anything, so check it out, and more importantly buy her books!  Thanks to her again, for being a great supporter of The Throwdown!

Now, for the ones, we’ve nominated:

  • THE IDIOT SPEAKETH, Don’t let the title fool you.  No idiot writes a blog this good.  Go see for yourself.
  • THE BALLAD OF CLINT THRUST, Blog like a man, dammit!  That’s EXACTLY what Clint does.
  • THE BROWN ROAD CHRONICLES, humor found in adult life in a country setting.  Personally, I love the scripted out phone calls.  Makes me laugh every time.
  • SARAELLENAWESOME, you want versatility?  This gal can blog about a squirrel trying to drink out of her pop can, then follow it with how she ran into a mounted deer head.  Now that’s wicked chops.
  • THE BYRONIC MAN, amazing.  Just go there.  When you have over 170 people subscribing to you, you’re doing something way right.
  • ADVENTURES OF LITTLE PEOPLE, the versatility doesn’t lie in the writings, it lies in the ability to form crazy scenes with children’s toys.
  • BROKE WIFE, BIG CITY, a late addition, but any writer that can post “Suck it, Dickinson” has my vote.
  • JB’S SMOOTH SPOT, all types of sports.  I’ve always said a dedicated sports blog is truly a tough gig.  Nice work, on this one.
  • THE FAN RANT, another sports blog, and the kind I like.  I can get sports scores anywhere, but this one gives you the sports talk radio feel.
  • RPMBOLD’S BLOG, a random thoughts blog.
  • RAMBLINGS AND RUMBLINGS, what a call an “observation blog”.
  • SIMONE BENEDICT’S BLOG, humorous writer’s blog
  • DRINKS WELL WITH OTHERS, variety of humor here.
  • SARA NO “H”, blog about family life
  • MAN, LIFE AND SOCIETY, an advice blog.

Go forth, and read.  Now, normally seven personal facts about a blogger would, of course, apply to that blogger.  Being that there are three of us, I’ll share some general facts about The Throwdown guys, as a group.  We are Jake Bloomquist(JB Maddawg), Johnny Rantavius(rantavius), and Jay Richards(Big Angry).

  1. Although I talk about the “offices” of The Throwdown, really we run everything through text messaging, Dropbox and of course, the WordPress site.  I do refer to my place though as T Down Central, or lovingly as “The Cell”.
  2. John and Jay have been friends of mine for around 20 years.  We’ve all grown up about less than a 10 minute drive from each other.
  3. Every one of us is also a musician, specializing in guitar and bass.
  4. Johnny Rants has interned at a major record label, been involved in MMA, and is completely addicted to anything with the Apple icon on it.
  5. Big Angry is a  guy that is completely unshakeable, and has a job I could never do.  “Angry” is a kind of opposite nod to his legendary patience, and they guy is  a home beer brewing genius.  I want beer for Christmas, Angry!
  6. As for me, I was part of a band that had an actual CD pressed and sold, can drive anything with a steering wheel, and am a rabid Chicago Blackhawks fan.
  7. The Throwdown is a tip of the hat to legendary Blackhawk Bob Probert.  When there was injustice on the ice, Probie didn’t whine, cry or bitch.  The gloves came off, and he threw down.  We try to do the same, and if blogging had a penalty box, we’d probably all be doing plenty of five-minute majors for fighting.

Once again, we all do appreciate being recognized, but now it’s time for us all continue doing our thing.  ‘Till next time, T Downers.  See you in the funny papers.



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7 responses to “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. havent come across half of these thanks for providing my morning reading!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog here!! I can hardly focus on the few blogs I currently read, but once I find 15 blogs to read, I’ll abide by the rules!! I added a link to your blog on mine though. You linked to several great blogs though..I’m adding them to my reading list!

    • Take your time, I know it’s a task, as it also forced me to find a few new ones, as well. Plus, I’ve seen that sans head deer target on a recent post of yours, I’m completely afraid of you. Kidding. Keep up the great work, I’m a big fan, and others should be, too.

  3. Thanks for the nominationa and recognition, I appreciate it. You’ve got a fan and supporter of The Throwdown in me.

    • No problem, you 100% deserve it! If people haven’t written a sports only blog, they can’t appreciate just how hard it really is. Keep up the great job, look forward to reading more!

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